Seven To Eternity Begins Final Story Arc THIS NOVEMBER

PORTLAND, Ore. 10/21/2020 — The fourth and final story arc of the bestselling fantasy series Seven to Eternity by writer Rick Remender (The Scumbag, Deadly Class, Black Science) and artist Jerome Opeña (Fear Agent, Punisher) will begin with issue #14 this November.

The series is projected to come to its breathtaking conclusion in 2021 with an extra-length Seven to Eternity #17.

“We’ve spent over half a decade on this series, and everyone involved has worked themselves to death to make sure we land the plane in the same high style we launched it with,” said Remender. “Jerome and Matt have put an ungodly amount of love into every single panel and we are all so excited to share the final leg of the journey with our patient readers.”

In next month’s issue, Adam and The Mud King must make a final sacrifice before it does. The origin of the Springs revealed. One giant evil consumes everything, and you celebrate it excitedly.

Seven to Eternity #14 Cover A by Opeña & Hollingsworth and Seven to Eternity #14 Cover B by Julian Totino Tedesco (Diamond will be available on Wednesday, November 18. 

Seven to Eternity #15 Cover A by Opeña & Hollingsworth and Seven to Eternity #15 Cover B by Tula Lotay will be available on Wednesday, December 16. 

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