Secret Wars #8 Review (2015)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Esad Ribic, Ive Svorcina, Chris Eliopoulos, and Alex Ross

Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 9th, 2015

Chartbusting creators Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic march toward the end of their grand saga as the final battle against God Doom rages on in SECRET WARS #8! Battleworld teeters on the brink, the Shield has fallen, and armies march on Doomstadt. As Battleworld gives way to a new Marvel Universe…no one will come out the other side unscathed, if they come out at all. Who lives? Who dies? Let’s jump in and find out!

Just when readers thought the story couldn’t get any more intense, this issue drops on your lap. Just when fans think they’ve seen it all, this robust spread of some of the most insanely fierce action lays waste to this issue leaving the reader awestruck and breathless as you put the comic down. Jonathan Hickman pulls out every card in the deck while everything culminates in this penultimate issue. How does this critic know that this issue is so over the top and action-packed? That’s easy! Hickman had to change this series from eight to nine issues just to fit everything in as well as the conclusion of the narrative.

Additionally, if there was an issue for Esad Ribic to shine, it is without a doubt issue eight. The epic illustrations that Ribic was able to draw must have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for any artist. Imagine being told to draw an oversized Ben Grimm battling a flaming Galactus. Or, Thanos riding the Annihilation Wave. Better yet, imagine the conversation Hickman had with Ribic as he said, “draw me a Groot World Tree.” Readers, the immaculate detail and realism of each character are breathtakingly vivid. This issue maybe some of the best art this reviewer has ever seen. When given the opportunity to focus on the character’s faces, Ribic elaborated with such detail. Furthermore, Hickman allowed Ribic to showcase his God-given talent in such a way that this issue felt more like a movie than a comic. This reviewer could sense the movement across each page as his eyes danced across the page. This critic wishes he had the right words to justify this artistic display. Alas, the hope is that readers will purchase this for themselves and share in my sentiment.

Fans, there is nothing deep about this comic. There is no hidden underlining theme relating to a deeper agenda or connecting profound purpose. This issue was out of this world, never before seen, footage that Marvel Comic fans can only dream of seeing on the big screen someday. The story didn’t move forward too much however, the main purpose of the issue was to give readers what they’ve ultimately been craving since the series began.

How many times does a large event happen and readers miss out on some of the epically enormous onslaughts because the story needed to be told or a page count gets in the way? Hickman takes an extra issue to reward readers with a comic that helps to curve our imaginations and “what if’s”. Fans just need to step back, relax, and enjoy the show that is this issue where Hickman threw a soft toss to Ribic saying, “have at it my brutha!”. This critic has no doubt Hickman will wrap up the series next issue. For those fans wanting this series to end, hang in there for one more issue.


If you enjoy Esad Ribic’s art, insanely crazy battles between characters you thought you’d never see, as well as some of the most ingenious ideas for character development, this comic was entirely for you. If you’re totally ok with waiting for an extra issue for the narrative to wrap up while Ribic basically puts on a clinic for any and all artists, this comic is for you. At this point, this reviewer has said it dozens of times; buy this series. Buy this trade. Buy this issue. What on Earth are you waiting for already?


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