Second Coming #6 Review

Writer: Mark Russell

Art: Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk, Andy Troy, Rob Steen, and Amanda Conner

Additional Writers: Kek-W and Martyn Pedler

Additional Art: Steve Pugh, Chris Chuckry, Ameilee Sullivan, and Carol Lay

Publisher: AHOY COMICS 

Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 15th, 2020

The last issue of Mark Russell and Richard Pace’s SECOND COMING arrives closing out this thought-provokingly entertaining series. However, as Season One comes to an end, this reviewer departed the series pondering even more amazing Biblical ideologies and left with a few others that simply didn’t sit well with this comic fan and Bible enthusiast. Let’s plunge into the Season One finale and discover how Russell closes out this tale.

As the last issue ended, it appeared as though Satan was up to something BIG. However, readers didn’t know what that ”something” was. Well, we find out Satans plan before the issue concludes and along the way Russell delivers from humorously realistic takes of common Biblical passage that will definitely compel the reader to stop and think about his take on those popular stories and parables. In all actuality, this is how the entire series has unfolded. Now, depending on your interpretation of Biblical Studies, you may feel this entire series is mere hogwash. I, on the other hand, view this series as fictional stories based on the truth and historical facts. And therefore, it leaves Russell and company with the creative license to really flex their interpretations in a way that hopefully lifts everyone’s spirits in a fun manner while ultimately getting them closer to Jesus.

Next, let me begin with the aspects of the issue that this reviewer truly adored. Let’s begin with Russell’s take on Judas. Without going into too much detail, Russell gives reasoning within the relationship between Jesus and Judas that actually makes more sense out of the original Biblical narrative. Heck, from the kiss on the check to the silver dropping from Judas’ hand, this variation felt like pieces of the puzzle were put together with more admiration and care to the story. To be honest, this reviewer hopes that this take is precisely true. Not only was Russell’s rendition of Judas magnificent, but so was his perspective on Abraham and Isaac. When readers get the chance to plow through this issue, I would love to know your thoughts on both of the above Biblical perspectives.

However, the part of the story that didn’t sit well with this reader was the ending of the issue. This critic gets the symbolism, as well as the foreshadowing, that Russell ignited into this tale. Additionally, the dilemma that is bestowed upon Jesus does seem to be a no-win situation. Again, the premise makes sense. But, Russell ends Season One of SECOND COMING with what appears to be extremely out of character for the Son of God. Sure, this is a fictional story and Russell certainly has earned some wiggle room with his character portrayals. However, this reviewer could argue that the ending is out of character for both Russell’s Jesus as well as the real Biblical Jesus too.

Any reader that can’t look past the reality of this story and let Russell’s imaginative narrative speak to them in a profound way is truly barking up the wrong tree. This issue, as well as the series, has been extremely well written, fascinating, hilarious, and draws the reader into the story making them feel involved in what is overly familiar to even a Chr-Easter or anyone whose dabbled in Sunday School as a child.


Even though this reviewer wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, I can still see the overall issue as creatively original, captivating, and something that has stirred up some great questions to ponder in my own faith journey. To anyone who has followed Mark Russell’s work in the comic realm, they would acknowledge that there have been some ups and downs. However, this series has helped to solidify his genre of comics and his place within the medium. You could even say that Ahoy Comics and Mark Russell were a match made in heaven. Look no further than their next partnership, BILLIONAIRE, which you can get a sneak peek of this issue, to see the brooding partnership continue to blossom. Guys, pick this comic up if you’ve been following along to date. If not, this reviewer would highly recommend the trade while keeping your eyes open for SECOND COMING Season Two on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Second Coming #6 Review

  1. I completely agree with your review. I loved the build up and where he was going and then he seemed to fumble the ending a bit. However, I loved his take on Judas and on the parables. I think his take on faith is much closer to what the Bible means by faith (even though he changes it to conviction).

    I just found your site, so I haven’t had time to see any of your other reviews and maybe you have already done this, but Jeff Loveness’s Judas comic is also brilliant.

    1. I actually have no read Jeff’s comic BUT I may have to know. Thanks for checking us out. I appreciate the kind words and the time to read my review. We have Reviews, previews, and a podcast! Thanks again for the look

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