Scorched #20 Review

Writers: Sean Lewis & Todd McFarlane

Artist: Stephen Segovia

Colorist: Ulises Arreola

Letterer: Andworld Design

Cover Artists: J. H. Williams III; Von Randal

Publisher: Image

Price: 2.99

Release Date: July 26, 2023

Monolith saw She-Spawn as a Red Shirt: valued for her contributions but ultimately expendable. Enraged, Spawn wrests leadership of the group from his grasp. Yet the Planet-Eaters Monolith fears command supernatural forces, and one wields influence over the masses. Can Spawn and his team defeat these alien invaders living among us? Let’s burn into Scorched #20 and find out!

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Senator Terminus tells the disenfranchised that they matter. He argues the government wants to keep them ignorant, and they must retake their nation. His followers gather outside a New Mexico military base, demanding secrets about alien visitations. Is the Roswell Incident on their minds as they toss their placards and climb the fences? Did they not watch Doctor Who: Dreamland?

Disguised, Senator Terminus walks among them in Scorched #20. As the crowd assaults the guards, grabs weapons, and fires on their protectors, Terminus enters the base. Like Satan, he’s mixed truth with lies. The government’s hidden the truth about aliens from its citizens, but the aliens didn’t arrive in 1947. They’ve lived among us for hundreds, even thousands of years.

While Indiana Jones sought the Spear of Destiny, and the B.P.R.D. briefly possessed it, superheroes have long sought the lance that pierced Jesus’ side. Mantra wielded it in the 90s before Magdalena made it her own. Did Professor Broom give it to the Men In Black, who placed it under the military’s protection? If so, Agents J and K chose unwisely. For Terminus knows it’s there. His forebear, Saint Longinus–just one more emissary of the Planet-Eaters that humans persecuted, tortured, and killed–used the spear to ease Christ’s suffering. Now, as the Planet-Eaters’ judgment falls, Terminus reclaims the holy relic as he brings his plans to fruition.


Perhaps fewer protestors storm the New Mexico base than filled Arrowhead Stadium in the previous issue. Still, a panel showing the crowd extends across two pages of Scorched #20. Hefting rifles, the armored soldiers look capable of defending Earth in Johnny Rico’s mobile infantry. Senator Terminus exudes power as he stalks through the fighting, dressed in a sleeveless shirt and hooded cape. He crushes a fascist-looking guard with one hand. But watch closely: that’s not all he can do with his hands. The Scorched convey power as they leap into the base. Their eyes blaze with yellow-and-green fire as they descend upon the melee. Redeemer reigns down fire, enveloping a tank in a roiling orange and yellow cloud. Yet Medieval stuns with concussive force, hurling waves of yellow fire in all directions when he lands.

Transparent letters, outlined in white and black, help us feel his knockout blast. Yellow words inside a brown narrative box accompany the arc of fire hurled Spawn’s way. Such narrative guides us through Scorched #20, while black uppercase font conveys Human speech, Spawns get stylized dialogue balloons, and sentient blood speaks with white letters in black fields. Words heap fire on this red-hot series, and like Terminus’ followers, we devour our twenty pages and howl for more!

Final Thoughts

While Scorched #20 explores what drives populist uprisings, it strips away centuries of history to reveal the truth underlying the pillars of Human civilization and our relationship with otherworldly beings.


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