Savage Sword of Conan #5 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Ron Garney, Richard Isanove, and VC’s Travis Lanham

Price: $3.99

Release Date: May 8th, 2019

Snake wizards, decapitation, treasury, and relentless action all in this week’s Savage Sword of Conan #5 by Gerry Duggan. By CROM, let’s take a look!


Suty vs Conan

When Duggan last left Conan, he had to put his friend Suty down because he was infected by Kogan Thun. However, even in death, Kogan Thun still controlled Suty. In order to free Suty from Kogan Thun’s control, Conan had to decapitate his friend, which was so dynamically drawn by the amazing Ron Garney and his crew. Needless to say, this came at a cost for our Cimmerian hero. The same venom that transformed Sully, was now coursing through Conan’s veins after he was wounded in battle by Suty.

Conan and Menes trek on to find the treasure ahead in an underground, dilapidated ship. However, while Menes and Conan search to arm themselves and escape with the treasure, Kogan Thun arrives explaining to Conan that he’s watched from afar this entire time knowing that Conan would eventually deliver this treasure to him. This was a great throwback to issue one and shows the time that Duggan puts into his stories to make sure the pieces connect together and that each panel matters. Every subtle line and panel has a purpose, which is what elevates Duggan’s storytelling above so many others.

Twist and Shout

Realizing that they are trapped, Conan asks Menes to destroy the treasure scrolls in order to prevent Kogan Thun from getting what he so desired. However, this is when Duggan throws another twist this readers way. Turns out, Menes has been working for Kogan Thun all along, which this fan never saw coming. But in a twist of fate, Menes sees the error of her ways and sacrifices herself for Conan so he can destroy the scrolls. Menes realized that she, as well as her family, have always been slaves to Kogan Thun and it was her time to finally change that even if it meant her life.

While the ship and scrolls begin to burn, Conan destroys Kogan Thun in a heat of rage and sliced his head clean off, which stopped the poison from taking over the barbarians body. Duggan’s story ends with Conan climbing out of the underground tunnels with Kogan Thun’s head hanging at his side and frees the Kheshattan people from Kogan Thun’s despicable tyranny leaving fans wanting the next issue NOW!

This Creative Team is Amazing

One of this reviewer’s favorite parts of the issue was the opening fight between Suty and Conan. The panel layouts and progression by Duggan and Garney’s team showed the intense fear in Suty’s eyes and amplified the terror that Kogan Thun had for Conan. The Cimmerian was coming for Thun after this treasure hunt was completed with vengeance solely on his mind because no one messes with the barbarian!

But even with all the action, blood, fighting, and over the top battles, Duggan and Garney still portrayed Conan as more than just a barbarian. The Cimmerian is tactful and surprisingly intelligent. Conan appears as this simple, dumb barbarian yet finds ways of cleverly escaping the jaws of defeat while continuing to be someone you simply don’t want to &$@$ with.

Garney and Isanove do a tremendous job displaying each action sequential and really bring each panel to life. Isanove’s coloring is dark, violent, and earthy which helps place this reader in the middle of every battle Conan has faced through each issue in this series. In addition, Lanham’s lettering truly heightens the Cimmerian’s tone through each and every interaction. Duggan’s design, mixed with Lanham’s lettering is what makes the issue. This reviewer can feel Conan’s rage, temper, and aggression throughout every page while also showing the barbarians compassion for the common man. Spectacular work Savage Sword of Conan crew!

Final Thoughts

Conan may appear to be on a treasure hunt, escaping sorcerers, or simply fighting for his life, but Duggan shows the Cimmerian’s loyalty and character every step of the way. The issue was nonstop action and excitement while leaving readers hearts racing by the end. Fans will leave this issue being extremely entertained and wanting more. And the best part is; each issue has been such a fast read, including this one! Reading this entire run, as well as the Avengers FCBD 2019, shows this reviewer that Duggan has nailed this fearless Cimmerian. By CROM, fans of Duggan’s Conan run should race to their shop, by the back issues for this series AND while you’re at it, Savage Avengers #1. Just stop reading this review and go to your shop now. Thank me later!


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