Writer: Roy Thomas

Art: Alan Davis, Cam Smith, Chris Sotomayor, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Marco Checchetto

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 16th, 2019

Nearly 50 years after he first brought the Cimmerian to the pages of Marvel Comics, the incredible Roy Thomas returns to script the SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #10! Teamed with the legendary Alan Davis, get ready for an unforgettable chapter in the saga of Conan, as the barbarian leads a mysterious band of adventurers into the Himelian Mountains in search of a lost comrade.  But Conan may get more than he bargained for as the startling truth behind the quest is uncovered!  By CROM, let’s dive into this week’s edition.

Roy Thomas delivers a classic tale that was easy to follow, polished, and timeless. Conan fans new and old will be able to sense the history within each page while Alan Davis’s art equally sets the tone for this prototypical tale. Thomas creates a well-paced narrative that wasn’t too wordy, captured this critic’s attention, and amplified the proper attributes of the Hyborian born Cimmerian beautifully.

Readers can tell that Thomas has worked with the great Barbarian before. Thomas makes sure to enhance the Cimmerian’s brutish nature while also heightening and extenuating Conan’s cunning nature and wit. Thomas continued to portray Conan as the extremely loyal companion while showcasing his strength, intellect, and crafty ingenuity that most writers neglect to focus on throughout their Conan narratives. More of the current writers should take some notes as to how Conan should be written by one of the greats.

The only disappointment this reviewer had was actually with the illustrations. This critic understands the tone and artistic choice of making this issue feel more nostalgic. However, my favorite style of art is more realistic, more dynamic, and more 3-dimensional in nature. The art seemed flat, lacking texture, and used the same flesh coloring as the background in numerous spots that seemed out of place and unnecessary. That said, this reviewer can’t completely knock the book for this artistic choice when the intent of the issue was to create a feeling that resembled their run from years ago.

Ultimately, this fan left delighted for the next issue and curious as to how Conan and his companions will escape the clutches of the Hillmen. Conan perpetually discovers a way to survive and make his adversaries pay. However, who knows how the Barbarian will escape this one and live to save the day. But, this critic does know that he left the issue thrilled for the next installment and that’s all any fan could ask for out of any comic. Conan enthusiasts will find this issue fun, enticing, and packed full with just enough action to satisfy the savage beast within.


If you’re a long-time Conan the Barbarian fan, this is a must-buy for you. If you’re new to the Cimmerian, this is a great comic to show you the character’s roots, his true attributes, his humble nature, and the allure that surrounds the Hyborian born behemoth. This reviewer strongly recommends picking this issue up if you’ve ever been a Conan fan and completely submerging yourself within a story created by one of the best to have ever written the character.


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