Savage Dragon #259 Review

Writer & Art: Erik Larsen 

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 2, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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Savage Dragon #259 by Erik Larsen is entitled “Welcome To North Force” and introduces readers to “Canada’s Premier Super-Team – North Force!” It is also being released as “North Force #0.” The only difference between the two issues is that North Force #0 includes a biography of each team member, while Savage Dragon #259 has a backup story called “Bride of Wax – part 1” written by Dave Kelly with artwork by Brett Hobson. In the issues, Malcolm Dragon is recruited and introduced to the team members of North Force.

After a bunch of introductions and socializing, Dragon and the team jump into action to battle the “Stone Men.” While contemplating his future, Malcolm has a discussion with his wife Maxine and comes to realize he can’t wholly commit to this team. With a mutual understanding Dragon and the team part ways.  


Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed with Savage Dragon #259. It’s clear Larsen wants to use this issue to introduce readers to this new team (see Savage Dragon #255 for their first appearance), but I wasn’t impressed. I find the team members very “run of the mill.” They are another super-powered group that has abilities similar to many others. And in this reviewer’s opinion, there isn’t anything unique enough about them to capture my attention. Another problem I have with this issue is there are too many pages about the members of the team. On the other hand, it does have a few memorable moments.

My favorite is the dialogue between Malcolm and Maxine. I love the chemistry Larsen has developed between Malcolm and Maxine Dragon throughout this series. But unfortunately, there wasn’t much of it here. Another aspect of this issue that disappointed me was the battle between North Force, Malcolm, and the Stone Men. There were eight pages of fighting with little or no dialogue. Give me a few pages of fighting – but eight? Ugh. On the plus side, the artwork by Larsen is solid and true to type. It’s nice to read a comic that is consistently drawn well and doesn’t look rushed. Month after month, year after year, Larsen continues to draw Savage Dragon true to type.   


Savage Dragon #259 is about the North Force Superhero Team. If you’re interested in reading about the team and their abilities check it out. As mentioned, the zero issue also has some extra pages specifically about the team members, so I would recommend picking that up. If you’re a Dragon fan – keep your expectations low.


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