Savage #3 Review

Writer: Max Bemis

Art: Nathan Stockman

Publisher: Valiant Comics


Release Date: April 14, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

Savage #3 is the third issue in a four issue mini-series that centers around a young boy named Kevin “Savage” Sauvage. Now since this is my first review of this series, allow me to speak about the overall series including issues one & two as part of this review.

If you’re interested in this series or any of the others mentioned, simply click on the title/link to snag a copy through Amazon.

Kevin was raised in an alternate dimension jungle, but has recently found his way back to civilization in the real world. He is now a national celebrity throughout England and frequently finds himself in the public tabloids. The evil corporation “Project Bizarre” has plans to unleash creatures from the dimension known as the Faraway into the British Isles and beyond.

This is a follow-up mini-series to the 2016 original “Savage” mini-series by B. Claymore, Lewis Larosa & Clayton Henry. This new series by Max Bemis & Nathan Stockman is very different from the original series. So much so, that readers of the original series may even question if this is the same character.


The “summary” on the first page given by Kevin via “social media” states… “Raised in an alternate dimension on a jungle island where my parents were murdered by dinos so I got my revenge. No really. Bugger off.” This statement says a lot about the character, and how different Bemis plans to write Kevin from the way he was portrayed (as a type of “Turok” character) in the original series.

The overall plot and dialogue has been comedic from issue #1 and has progressed to the point of being just plain silly by issue #3. Which, in this writer’s opinion is very strange and disappointing due to the fact that the original 4 issue series was straight forward and serious. This feels more like a “Quantum & Woody” book. The artwork by Nathan Stockman is ok and actually compliments the “comedic” tone of the book. Once again, it’s a very different type of artwork than the original series artwork by Lewis Larosa & Clayton Henry.


Honestly, I really disliked this series. I loved the original 2016 “Savage” series, and was so looking forward to this follow-up. But after reading issue one, I knew this wasn’t the “Savage” of the original series, nor was Kevin going to be the next “Turok” in the Valiant Universe. If you are enjoying this series and like the overall silly vibe – that’s fine. If you aren’t enjoying this series, I would highly recommend checking out the original 2016 series if you haven’t done so already.


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