Rogues #1 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Leomacs, Matheus Lopes, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and Sam Wolfe Connelly

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: March 22nd, 2022

Ten years ago, the ROGUES dispersed and went in a different direction. Trapped in a never-ending cycle of rehab, dead-end jobs, and broken relationships, the ROGUES are tired and looking for a change. Let’s dive into ROGUES #1 by Joshua Williamson and see if good ol’ Captain Cold has a plan that will leave them all wealthier than they could have ever imagined.

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ROGUES #1 opens with a humorous, down-to-earth story about some down-and-out criminals and C List villains trying to figure things out. Flashforward to an aged-up Leonard Snark trying to get back on the straight and narrow where things are actually looking like he’s… somewhat back on track. Of course, he’s still down and out, scraping by, and juggling everyday life along with the disgust that accompanies it. Yet, after a long-overdue snap, the story begins to unravel from there setting up to be quite the rotisserie of events that piles on one after another.

ROGUES #1 is one heck of a convoy partnered with brisk pacing and somewhat dark merriment of dialogue. The setup and sly comedic cadence are among the best I have seen recently at DC COMICS. With an integrated outfit of characters, personalities, and story beats, ROGUES #1 blends almost seamlessly into an infectiously witty and devilishly clever narrative that’s perfect for DC BLACK LABEL. ROGUES #1 was simply well-orchestrated and altogether entertaining offering fans a unique window into the realm of FLASH’S ROGUES who are a perfect fit for a ragtag group venturing for that one last score.


Leomacs’ character takes are worn fitting this DC BLACK LABEL premise well. Each person is overly peculiar in their own way from their appearance to even the shape of their body and structure. Leomacs’ style is what helps convey the personalities of the ROGUES so well and ultimately gets the reader to deeply connect. The emotion and deep-seated anger are totally brought to you by Leomacs and his technique feels both unusual and reminiscent of a prior era. It’s kind of like Evan Shaner mixed with Leonardo Romero with his own modern, unique spin.


If you’re interested in a heist movie/story with the ROGUES at the helm, just come knocking at ROGUES #1’s door. It appears to be a mix between a comedy romp and crime caper with your favorite FLASH villains rising up against their down and out life. Well, what else is there to do for a group of misunderstood X-Cons who can’t escape the morose lifestyle they set up for themselves? Readers will have no choice but to feel for this team before issue one wraps. But, like any good train wreck, you can’t turn away knowing something terrible is on the horizon. As for right now, I’m all in. ROGUES #1 looks like a ton of fun as Captain Cold tries his best to put the old gang back together again. Give it time, and I think this could really develop into something good. However, the price tag does come across as a bit steep causing some hesitation. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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