Red Sonja #4 Review

Writers: Mirka Andolfo and Luca Blengino

Art: Giuseppe Cafaro, Chiara Di Francia, and Jeff Eckleberry

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 8th, 2021

Reviewer: kcscribbles

The multi-part “Mother” tale continues in Red Sonja by Mirka Andolfo #4, as Red Sonja, joined by the misanthropic but jolly Samosh and an elderly man Sonja simply calls “old man”, go after the child Sitha, who disappeared at the end of the last issue in the midst of a battle.

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I’m usually not a fan of these stories, where a reluctant adult has a child dropped on them that they have to protect, but here, Mirka Andolfo has added a twist, with Sitha the vessel for a powerful godlike being named Xamul that incinerates everything around Sitha when it takes control of her. It comes in REAL handy in fights.  Early in the issue, Sonja determines that Sitha is going after Three-Eyed Shezem, whose army destroyed her village. From there, Sonja and her small band head for Shezem’s nearly impenetrable fortress in an attempt to get to Sitha.


Red Sonja by Mirka Andolfo #4 is filled with action as Sonja and her band launches a “The Guns of Navarone” style assault on Shezem’s fortress.  Sorry Jason Voorhees, but in terms of stabbings, skewerings, and beheadings, you’re an amateur compared to Red Sonja and her thirsty whirling sword.  
I like how the story continues to propel forward, and amidst all the action of this issue, there are some chilling scenes of Sitha fighting the demonic Xamul from taking control of her, as well as a surprise reveal by the “old man” in Sonja’s band.


Giuseppe Cafaro’s art for Red Sonja by Mirka Andolfo #4 is angular, with more detail in close-ups than in wide shots.   People and animals look good, but the backgrounds aren’t fully formed at times.
Sonja herself is drawn very much as I imagine she’d look in real life:  tall and sinewy, not bulky and muscular as other artists have drawn her. Moreover, the battle scenes could be confusing at times because it was hard to tell where Sonja’s red hair ended and the blood began.  However, this was probably more due to the coloring than the art itself.


Red Sonja by Mirka Andolfo #4 continues the story of Sonja and Sitha, adding another threat level with Xamul and mixing in some surprises (particularly with the reveal of the “old man”). It’s a play on “Lone Wolf and Cub” that offers up lots of action but hopefully will add more depth to Sitha’s personality and the villain Shezem by the time the story concludes.


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