Punisher #9 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Jesús Saiz, Paul Azaceta, Dave Stewart, and VC’s Cory Petit

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: January 18th, 2023

The epic showdown between the God of War and the Fist of the Beast culminates in this week’s Punisher #9 by Jason Aaron. But even if the Punisher somehow survives Ares, other forces are already gathering to bring him down, once and for all.

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So, Punisher #9 opens with a great point out of the gate. The last time someone offered to resurrect his wife he practically tried to burn them alive. What’s different about this time? Well, read through the issue until the end and you’ll definitely see what’s different. It’s a pretty gnarly twist that ls totally unexpected. I’d love to tell you but that would spoil the issue and you need to read it for yourself to find out.

Additionally, I also like how he’s again referred to as a “mass murderer” which he is. Our society tends to give characters like this a free pass. They’ll say things like “this person deserved it.” Readers, whether they’re drug dealers, thieves, or mobsters doesn’t matter. It’s still murder. I’m not suggesting no punishment should happen. I’m merely saying that it’s still murder. And oftentimes our culture gives that type of killing a free pass even though it’s still murder. And that’s the point I think the characters in the series have always tried to make.

Another great line was how Aaron said during a monologue that the war was like his mistress and he was ashamed to take credit for saving people’s lives. This was such a deep thought that spirals back through toward the end of the issue. Additionally, this statement made me wonder about more than just Frank. Is that how killers think? Or maybe not even killers? Is this the same attitude drug addicts have? Or any other addict for that matter?

Moreover, as you read Punisher #9, the intriguing detail from Aaron would lead anyone to believe that he’s done his homework on War Veterans. Their discussions, their actions, and even their intricate thoughts are shared within these pages so vividly as if Aaron has experience in this area or again, really took the time to do his homework and interview some of our country’s heroes for this story. It’s almost like Aaron is directly speaking in the monologue and it was he who went from bar to bar listening to old war stories from some of our country’s bravest.

But the sensational writing from Aaron within the monologue from Frank’s wife is what truly made Punisher #9 so well done. The twisting of words and similes showcases the fierce nature of Frank’s lust for war and its intensity. And the feeling in every word from his wife as she begins to feel like the mistress of Frank’s war herself is almost heart stompingly realistic.

However, the big twist was in a flashback when the Ninja’s from the Hand discuss the murder of his family with the High Priestess. They imply that they should murder Frank’s family. And just when you think she would agree to put that almost predictable wrinkle into the mix, the swerve happens… and we find out about the declination of the action. Moreover, we find two more unique sleight of hands that elevate Punisher #9 to new heights. The switch-a-roo with this wife at the end AND the formation of a team to take down the Punisher appears to only be the beginning of this series that seemed to be nearing an end with Ares.


Readers, Punisher #9 is extremely well-written and perfectly crafted to unveil new and specific twists and turns that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. The time and preparation in constructing a series like this are evident. From researching Frank’s comic book past in detail to connecting the feelings of actual war veterans, Aaron’s taken the Punisher and carved out one of the best books Marvel has to offer right now. And frankly, one of the best he’s written since his Conan and Thor run.

The pacing is perfect and mixed beautifully with the monologuing over the relentless action cluttering each page of this issue. I almost recommend reading Punisher #9 separately from looking at the art first, then just looking at the art alone, and concluding by re-reading it all together. It may make for a better understanding and a more powerful issue. Lastly, don’t overlook the intricate detail with the art as well as the vibrant colors that place this story in such a great package. I truly couldn’t recommend Punisher #9 more or this entire series. It may appear too late to join in now. However, if you can get the Punisher trade for the first 6 issues and ask your LCS for the last three, you’ll be in business. If you have any questions on the review or are ever interested in tackling a comic review of your own, feel free to email me directly at dispatchdcu@gmail.com. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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