Aquaman: The Becoming #2 Preview

Aquaman: The Becoming #2 Preview
– Someone launched a terrorist attack on Atlantis, and Jackson Hyde is the prime suspect! Despite Mera’s best efforts to defend Jackson against the accusations of the Atlantean guard, the evidence is mounting and time’s running out. How far will Jackson go to prove his innocence? Check out the Aquaman: The Becoming #2 Preview HERE! Continue reading Aquaman: The Becoming #2 Preview

Aquaman/ Green Arrow – Deep Target #1 Preview

Aquaman/ Green Arrow – Deep Target #1 Preview – The shadowy organization known as Scorpio has resurfaced, and it’s larger than before. While looting the past for artifacts and treasure, they have somehow altered the timeline, and only Aquaman and Green Arrow can fix it! Check out the Aquaman/ Green Arrow – Deep Target #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Aquaman/ Green Arrow – Deep Target #1 Preview

Spider-Man: January 2022 Marvel Comic Solicitations

Spider-Man 2022 January Comics Solicits – Learn more about the exciting new Spider-Man, Venom, Black Cat, Silk, and Spider-Woman titles coming this January. Check out the Spider-Man: January 2022 Marvel Comics Solicits HERE! Continue reading Spider-Man: January 2022 Marvel Comic Solicitations

Fantastic Four #37 Review

“There Are Monsters on Yancy Street” The fallout from the FF’s 60th anniversary stories continues! Maybe a visit from a certain friendly neighborhood Spider-Man might help with that? Meanwhile, it’s time for Ben and Alicia to take their kids trick or treating for the very first time… which might not be such a good idea. Especially when one of the Fantastic Four’s greatest enemies has returned! Continue reading Fantastic Four #37 Review

Green Lantern #7 Review

Rescue the Lanterns! The mystery of the Dark Sectors begins to unravel. To rescue Kilowog and his squad of surviving Lanterns, John enters the realm of the Golden Centurions and their mysterious master, the Lightbringer! Meanwhile on Oa, Keli lies in a coma, while Jo’s team closes in on those responsible for the destruction of the power battery, but a surprise arrival takes a key investigator off the board! Continue reading Green Lantern #7 Review