New Mutants #12 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art: Marco Failla and Michael Del Mundo

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 2nd, 2020

After several issues of pure wackiness and quite honestly a slight downward trend, New Mutants is BACK with a very much needed cool down issue that may be my single favorite issue of any X book since the relaunch last year! So walk, run, or jump through your nearest gate to Krakoa and join me in this enjoyable issue!!

We all know X of Swords is coming, right? I mean if you’re any sort of comic fan or especially an X-men fan it’s literally everywhere you look. At least it is for me. I’m totally down with that. DC comics should follow Marvel’s lead and promote some of their books perhaps! Their biggest book in years came out last week in Three Jokers, yet it wasn’t even mentioned at DC’s Fandome a mere 3 days prior. But… that’s a story for another day!

In the every growing list of X books New Mutants has slowly been sliding down my personal list of favorites, and I’m a bit sad about that. It’s a book that is trying too hard I think. Trying to hard to capture the pure magic of Bill Sienkiewicz’s art from the early/mid-eighties. That’s unabashedly been on full display on the covers. New Mutants also has been trying too hard in the story department. Having two full teams on their own missions while also leaving key characters completely out of the loop, for the most part, is not the best look. X fans are a group that can nitpick and complain with the best of them, so making everyone happy is literally impossible, so with the plethora of X books available having a single book with two full teams just doesn’t jive for me. And it certainly could be confusing for new readers! And while this has been a reboot for sure for the whole line, these books are NOT new reader-friendly.

I’m also not a fan of the data dump pages. We waste a page that for the most part has nothing on it.

Another minor issue I have is having Magik on the cover. I realize X of Swords is coming and she has her soul sword but she’s been on SO many covers lately. Plus this is a Glob issue. He should have been on the cover. End of story. Period. It’s really a shame he wasn’t.

Where this issue hits a home run is in the writing by Ed Brisson. The best way I can describe the writing in this issue is that this book hits all the political, social, family/friend emotional aspects of any issue written by Chris Claremont while also not making you feel like you’re being talked to in a lecture class, or scolded by your parents.

It brought out all the feels. It made me care about Glob. It made me want to go to the Marvel Unlimited app and read every single issue Glob has ever been in. The art shows Glob’s emotion and trauma. There’s also a panel of Mirage consoling Glob that really touched me.

The preview pages are pure set up for Magik to be, well Magik. Things immediately get very interesting afterward.

Comic fans, I can’t stress it enough. I was down on New Mutants. I really was. But this issue has me very very excited to see where the story leads!

Final Thoughts:

X fans/comic fans need to head to their LCS or favorite digital platform and read this issue. This issue is a perfect example of the foundation of what X-men books were built on. You can thank me later!


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