New Mutants #11 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art: Flaviano, Carlos Lopez, VC’s Travis Lanham, Tom Muller, and Michael Del Mundo

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 22nd, 2020

Supporting and working with inexperienced mutants in a disaster isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And lately, it’s been a straight-up nightmare… literally! Nonetheless, maybe the New Mutants can find a way to change this nightmare into a pleasant daydream? Let’s dive into NEW MUTANTS #11 by Ed Brisson to see if the team has found a way to escape this horrifyingly pressure-filled blackhole of suffering.

Well X-readers, Brisson wraps up this arc exactly how you’d expect. However, the problem this reviewer had was actually how simple it was to package up. Brisson spent two to three issues building up this epic “Freddy Krueger satellite” of a mutant as almost unbeatable. Plus, two different teams of mutants enter this black hole of nightmares only to get stuck inside. So, my assumption after the last issue was something big had to happen in order to save the day. Nevertheless, it wasn’t big and actually didn’t make much sense as to how the New Mutants were able to stop this evil dreamscape. Granted, I’m not overly familiar with the two mutants that manage to save the day, but after checking out the one’s power set, it just doesn’t make much sense. There were simply too many plot holes this issue that were skimmed over to close the arc.

Furthermore, Brisson backed the team into an even deeper corner as the issue ends only to have another mutant magically appear to get them all off the hook AGAIN. There is only so much luck that can go their way, especially without Domino (that’s a joke people). Since Brisson has taken the reins, plot twists and narrative turns become issue cliffhangers that get easily scooped away with nonsensical solutions that didn’t even fit within the story the issue prior.

As an avid comic reader, I enjoy thoughtful planning and preparation within the narrative. Nicely timed and appropriately placed nuggets of information tucked away throughout the arc that come home to roost as the issue concludes are what build a healthy and nutritious story that’s built on a strong foundation. Those properly placed narrative clues are what make a story memorable. It’s what makes a story stand the test of time. And my utmost apologies to the creative team, but since Brisson has taken over on NEW MUTANTS, the story has been bland and forgettable at best. I find myself hoping for Jonathan Hickman to retake control of the series.


Readers will leave this issue expecting more from the NEW MUTANTS team. There are clearly too many key players for Brisson to maneuver and too many inconsistencies within the narrative that make this series a bit too lackluster and almost treading water. Brisson’s NEW MUTANTS truly isn’t awful by any stretch. However, it’s culminations and cliffhangers simply get wiped away with ease and ultimately help make this series, which may have too many moving pieces for Brisson to handle, flatline comparatively to the other X-books. As of right now, this series is a hard pass unless Hickman jumps on board or a new writer takes a stab at it.


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