Moon Knight #3 (1980) Review

Writer: Doug Moench

Art: Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Rosen, Bob Sharen

Price: .50cents

Release Date: January 1st, 1980

As Moon Knight becomes firmly entrenched in New York’s crime-fighting scene, let’s take a peek at what’s new in the world of Moon Knight!

As we continue our look at the history of Moon Knight we’re up to issue #3. It’s really obvious to me that the creative team is hitting their stride in this issue. This first example of this is in the picture above. In credits box the writer and artists last names are blocked out by the newspaper, but Sienkiewicz sneaked their whole names in the actual article. Not a big deal but a really nice touch.

Also, Moon Knight’s supporting cast is also firmly in place. We get more depth shown of the supporting characters and locations that are frequently visited. From Frenchy, Marlene, and Crawley to Gena’s diner I feel like I’m really beginning to know these characters.

The newspaper article says that Moon Knight has been active in 19 of the last 23 nights. So he’s been a busy guy.

While Moon Knight doesn’t have the best rogues gallery in comics we’re introduced to one of them in this issue, Midnight Man! While he proves to be a worthy adversary, I feel the world-building is just as important. Read the issue to see what Midnight Man is all about!

Again the art is a high point for me. Sienkiewicz is just SO good. The action sequences and the atmosphere he creates is really really good.

As with the previous 2 issues, this is a one and done, and I really like it. You get a quick concise story and we can move on to something new in the next issue. Each issue is self-contained, but character development is shown throughout issues. It’s much different from today’s comics that stretch a story out for six issues.

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Final Thoughts:

After three issues I feel a part of the Moon Knight world. He’s very quickly becoming one of my favorite superheroes.


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