Marvel Comics Presents #9 Review

Writer: Charles Soule, Zac Thompson, and Lonnie Nadler

Art: Dio Neves, Paulo Siqueira, Andre Lima Araujo, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Joe Caramagna,

Price: $4.99

Release Date: September 25th, 2019

Wolverine and Rien have travelled to hell to defeat the demon Truth. Doesn’t sound like the best idea, does it? Let’s find out how this great story ends!

Wolverine: The Vigil conclusion

As Logan and Rien find Sylvie in hell, she tells them that everything dies, except Truth. That Truth’s nature and whole purpose is to kill everything, but that the demon itself can’t die. Looks like the decision to go to hell was a terrible one, doesn’t it? Truth finds them and a chase ensues.

After some extremely violent images including loss of limbs Logan, Sylvie, and Rein come up with a plan to defeat Truth.

I won’t spoil the issue but this finale left me extremely satisfied. The Wolverine story has been the highlight of this entire series thus far and it didn’t disappoint at all.

I hope Marvel collects the Wolverine story in trade paperback. I know people that haven’t been buying this book would buy the trade just because of the Wolverine story.

Marvel did itself another favor by having Wolverine on the cover too! David Yardin does a masterful job of one Wolverine using his claws to tear through a picture of another Wolverine. It fits perfectly with our second story, which also features Wolverine. This’ll be my cover of the week I believe!

Weapon Exe

In our Marvel Spotlight story, we feature a story from our current decade. It’s a story of Wolverine battling corrupt users in literal cyberspace, as well as in the real world. He faces a well-known villain in cyberspace, but like the previous issues, the backup stories just aren’t as good as the main Wolverine story. It’s a neat concept and works pretty well but it’s just not for me.

Final Thoughts:

The main Wolverine story carries this issue. And once again, the lackluster backup story brings down my overall score a bit.


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