Marvel Comics Presents #8 Review

Writer: Charles Soule, Ethan Sacks and more

Art: Dio Neves, Oren Junior, Frank D’Armata, VC’s Joe Carmagna, and more

Price: $4.99

Release Date: August 21, 2019

This month’s Marvel Comics Presents continues our Wolverine story, while adding a Spider-Woman and White Fox story as well. Let’s dive in and see how Logan and the others fare!!

Wolverine: The Vigil Part 8

We continue our story as Logan wants to go literally to hell to battle the demon Truth, so his daughter Rein doesn’t have to fight Truth every ten years. Rein despite feeling that it’s her destiny to fight Truth opens a portal to hell which Logan is quickly yanked thru. Rein ends up joining Logan and they make a startling discovery. To be concluded!

We get closer to the end of this very powerful and dark story. Not for the faint of heart, with some mildly disturbing visual takes on hell.

The Spider Caught in the Web:

Part two is a story set in the 2010s featuring Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman. It’s a story of the dangers of social media. How fake/false news and clickbait can end up with unintended, and occasionally deadly results.

Jessica Drew is one of my favorite Marvel characters. I’m not a fan of this particular costume though. Not a huge deal though. However, her costume doesn’t match the costume that’s on the cover, and that’s a problem. There should at least be enough communication between the artists to be on the same “page” as far as what costume they’re drawing.

“Legendary” featuring White Fox

The third story is basically a look at a day in the life of Ani Han, aka White Fox, and her trials and tribulations not only as the White Fox, but in her job at the National Intelligence Headquarters. Ani uses not only her natural ability as a hero but also some help from a dead family member to achieve her goals!

This story isn’t bad by any means but it wasn’t as strong as the previous stories in this issue. It also follows the pattern of the last issue of two really good stories and one that isn’t quite up to the mark. Maybe it’s that I’m not that familiar with the character, but there was just nothing in the story or art that engaged me.

Final Thoughts:

Another great Wolverine story highlight this issue. The Spider-Woman story is also very relevant in our social media-obsessed society. As with the previous issue, one of the three stories bring down the overall story, albeit slightly.


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