Marauders #8 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Art: Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, Matthew Wilson, and Russell Dauterman

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 19th, 2020

Gerry Duggan continues his incredible run on this week’s MARAUDERS #8 with an amazing moment between Storm and Emma that’s shocking while furnishing fans with a side of Ice Man that’s been missing from comics for a long time. Well, do we finally find out what happened to Captain Kate? Did she survive? Either way, will the Quiet Council ever find out that Sebastian Shaw was responsible? Let’s dive into this week’s MARAUDERS #8 by the well-polished Gerry Duggan and see if these questions and so much more get answered.

Readers, you will get your definitive answer about Kitty in this issue without any spoils here, as well as a few others too if you know just where to look. Furthermore, you will see a side of Ice Man that elevates him to an entirely new level. I feel past writers have truly stifled his abilities and what he truly is capable of… not Duggan. He’s used his platform to make Kitty outstanding. And now, if Duggan can do the same with Bobby, I’d read the $$@$ out of that story too. X-fans, your opinion of the domesticated and toneless Bobby will change after this week’s installment and you’ll only want more.

That said, fans may be a bit disappointed about what happens between Storm and Emma. It’s not bad by any stretch. It’s heartfelt, emotional, powerful, and shows true growth amongst the characters. However, it just didn’t hit me as it should. Was it because it wasn’t entirely what I expected? Was it because I came into the issue with my own preconceived notions? Or, was it the cover that drove me into thinking more was on the horizon? Maybe all of the above? But either way, I was a bit let down with the Emma/Storm match-up.

And finally, leave it to Duggan to add just enough spice to take an emotional issue and add just enough flavor to rip those tender moments right out from you like an awkward manly hug. After the sentimental and delicately charged moments weighing over the issue, we end with some long overdue SINISTER’S SECRETS! Please hit me up with any of your speculations and ideas. I absolutely love talking shop!


Overall, readers will be pleased with this issue. Almost every recent question is answered while Duggan makes the junctures count, has substance, and holds merit to the story, which is rather difficult to do with a group of people that can basically resurrect themselves. Duggan’s story showed the true capabilities of what many of the mutants could do when given the opportunity to let loose. Furthermore, he did so in a creative way that perfectly fit within the story. As usual, the anecdote was well written, easy to follow, dynamic, expressive, and finally felt important. Since the prices have been creeping higher and higher, as well as the number of titles, readers want to know that what they are buying is worth their money, their time, and important to the landscape of the universe. Ultimately, this issue checks those boxes. MARAUDERS #8 is a must-buy for all X-fans across the board this week without a shadow of a doubt.




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