Marauders #15 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan and Ben Percy

Art: Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, VC’s Cory Petit, Matthew Wilson, and Russell Dauterman


Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 11th, 2020


Gerry Duggan and Ben Percy continue their amusing luncheon with the tournament players in MARAUDERS #15 by extending some of the very same situational humor that made the last issue so successful. Readers still won’t make it to the fireworks factory in this issue. Nevertheless, with three installments this week, the games will most certainly begin before this NCBD is out!

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Duggan and Percy don’t let fans down after the last issues insane cliffhanger from Wolverine. Logan is delivered a vision of what would have transpired if he followed through with his actions while more foul play is afoot from the Arakkii side of the games as this issue unfolds. In essence, to make a rather silly comparison, this issue felt like a Christmas movie where two families meet for the first time and have extremely awkward interactions with one another. Many would argue the purpose of MARAUDERS #15, as well as last week’s issue. However, with upwards of three issues most weeks, the story is moving rather rapidly allowing Duggan and Percy to infuse some much-needed character development and humor into the story making this comic a blast!

Readers, if anything, I left this week’s MARAUDERS with an even deeper loss as to how our X-MEN will win a single tournament battle. In all sincerity, Jasper creates an “Odds of Survival” for Gambling in the Crooked Market and Wolverine has the best odds of doing well in this tournament… other than Apocalypse of course. However, every other Arakii in the tournament has better odds than every last mutant from Krakoa. Sure, this was placed in here to continue to show readers the utter disadvantage our X-MEN have in this tournament. Nonetheless, I still only see one way they win and that comes down to Captain Avalon promising himself to Saturnyne.

Finally, before I wrap up, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how outstanding the art was this issue. Stefano Caselli was sensational down to the expressions on the character’s faces. Furthermore, the crisp detail and panel progression made this issue feel like it was a live-action movie. Caselli added much-needed life to this issue that made this reader forget about the action he’s been craving for almost three weeks now. Mixed with the amazing storytelling by Duggan and Percy, this issue was simply tons of fun and ends with the beginning of a battle that I simply can’t see our X-MEN winning.


Can Duggan and Percy work together more? After these past two weeks of MARAUDERS, these two proved how much they get the cast of Krakoan characters while adding so many layers to the new Arakii mutants that I hope they become a staple in X-MEN comics for years to come. Jonathan Hickman may have created this idea of X OF SWORDS but it’s Duggan and Percy who have teased out the story and gave it life. Sure, Hickman created the backstory but it’s Duggan and Percy who’ve given it vitality and much-needed spirit. That said, if you’re a MARAUDERS fan, this issue had nothing to do with them at all. So, if you’re not into X OF SWORDS, the past two issues of MARAUDERS are not needed. However, they are essential to the development of X OF SWORDS. I highly recommend picking this issue up even if you aren’t interested in X OF SWORDS merely to see what Duggan and Percy can do together. Why? Well, I think these Arakii mutants are here to stay and these two rockstars give you some crucial character development that will set up their background for years to come.


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