Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #2 Review

Writer: Gerald Goodwin
Art: Jacob Herring
Publisher: Independent
Price: $15.00
Release Date: Now


In this second installment from Buffalo, NY comic creators Gerald Goodwin and Jacob Herring, comes more adventure, action and thrills. The first issue saw a kid named Kairu being experimented on by aliens and transformed into a dinosaur. Now, in Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #2, the story continues with more action. If you like seeing dinosaurs fighting  or are a fan of anime or manga stories, you will certainly enjoy this comic. There is a shift in narration, using both slang and a more dramatic style of speaking, which could confuse some people, but overall it is an enjoyable story and keeps readers interested by having an element of mystery at the end. There is also a fun sense of humor that Goodwin brings out in both the dialogue and narration.



The art in Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #2 is heavily influenced by anime and manga, and characters are depicted in a cartoonish style in somewhat of a more minimalist style. There are a lot of bright colors throughout, with a good emphasis on fight words. There is a great full page of a terrifying kaiju monster ready to strike. The crackles of electrical energy are really well-done, as well the explosion that takes up a whole page. The speech bubbles do not necessarily align with who is talking though. Mostly, it is easy to figure out, though some parts may be confusing.



Kairu: Slayer of Kaiju #2 presents good action, fun characters and a witty sense of humor. It leaves readers wanting more. There are some improvements needed in terms of clarity in the narration and speech bubbles connecting to who is speaking, but overall it is a fun and compelling story. If you are a fan of anime or kaiju monsters, this is the book for you. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, there are some available at the creators’ etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MyArtistReality?fbclid=IwAR0CiDVkJqESZjf8Hoj9HemWZvgdQs4bUFttH1XRN-NVfy-WcnTWOF7tVD0. You can contact them there to stay up to date with the latest in the series, and stay tuned for the details on when the next issue becomes available.


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