Justice League #54 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson 

Art: Xermanico, Liam Sharp, and Howard Porter

Publisher: DC COMICS 

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 6th, 2020

As the one true Nightwing leads his team of sorts through the Batman Who Laughs warped version of Earth, what threats and surprises will they encounter? Let’s check Doom Metal part two and find out!

Whew – nothing like a boom tube to gather what some hope will be the members of a secondary Justice League team book together for the in the so-called Metalverse. This actually serves multiple purposes but is also somewhat confusing. It serves as a reunion of sorts for some of the New Teen Titans. It also serves as an opportunity for a purple-robed Lex to get everyone up to speed on what he’s trying to do, or what he’s suggesting to be done. It also confused the heck out of this reviewer. I love editor’s notes. I really do. They serve as a great resource for readers that want to get more story. However, an editor’s note for an issue that hasn’t been released yet is kind of dumb honestly. At the very least it should say “out next week”! I was scrambling checking my reading log because I was trying to remember something that hasn’t actually been published yet… So frustrating. Anyway…. on with the story.

However, after the reintroductions and recaps, there really isn’t a whole lot of new story happening in this issue. And I for one am ok with that. We get long lost friends reunited. We get a genuine attempt by Joshua Williamson to rebuild what I consider a fractured DC universe. Nightwing figures quickly, but prominently in this. And while the so-called Trinity is off doing their deal in the main Death Metal books, I’m relishing these Justice League tie ins with somewhat lower-tiered characters. It really feels like we’re getting a glimpse of a smaller battle in midst of a much bigger war.

As a comic fan, reader, reviewer who pays zero attention to solicits or creative team announcements, I’m hoping Joshua Williamson stays on Justice League as the full-time writer after the Death Metal tie ins are done.

Final Thoughts:

Joshua Williamson proves again that he’s up to the task of writing DC’s premier team book. He’s taken a book with lower-tiered characters and brought it to a level higher than previous writers did with the so-called Trinity.


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