Jessica Jones: Blindspot #4 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Art: Mattia De Iulis, VC’s Cory Petit, Martin Simmons, and Valerio Giangiordano

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 26th, 2020

If you remember my last review, I essentially explained the only thing lacking was some answers. After being three issues in, readers still didn’t know WHO exactly was behind everything or HOW Jessica Jones and Elsa Moonstone could get shot in the head point-blank… but then come back to life perfectly fine. Answers were needed before readers would start to lose interest and curiosity would waver. Well, this critic must have the ability to read minds because almost all of our questions get answered in this week’s JESSICA JONES: BLINDSPOT #4 by Kelly Thompson. Let’s comb through this issue and get the answer we’ve been looking for since issue one’s epic cliffhanger.

Kelly Thompson utilizes this issue to provide everyone with the answers they desired. However, were they decent enough? That’s the problem. Thompson finally gives readers the big reveal and it just felt a bit flat. Don’t get me wrong; this issue was still entertaining with the normally funny quips and twists that have made this series so enjoyable. Jessica Jones is still the same disgruntled, blunt, and self-destructive individual that Thompson introduced in issue one and continues to weave through this series. Nonetheless, the answers to the “villain” of this tale seem rather weak and frankly ridiculous. To make a comparison, it’s as if Batman escapes being tied up by sharks with life raft chewing gum he spits out into the ocean. My point: there was no real connection to the antagonist and no real solution to the “resurrections” other than a wish. The answer just ”magically” appears out of thin air without any prior nudge or reasoning.

Readers, let me continue by saying that I’m still all-in on this series and this fan thinks we should all see the series through. However, this critic can’t shake this feeling that the wool was thrown over my eyes. I spent the previous issues searching for clues like a P.I. would, especially since this reader has felt like he has been apart of the story since day one. But, to disclose that the antagonist is a no-name guy with a silly ability that appears to be drummed up as a way to get yourself out of a corner leaves me feeling as though I was taken advantage of.

Now, to focus on the good qualities of the issue, this reviewer loved the Spidey cameo and his entire scene from the perspective of Jessica Jones. Holy Rusted Metal Batman; Mattia De Iulis illustrations of this entire Spider-Man section of the comic were truly amazing. I could feel the shock and the weight of the moment from Spider-Man through the pages. Furthermore, the minor details from Iulis were fantastic. From the sarcastic photos of Dia to the dumb tattoos on her arms, the details drove this week’s tale for me. Plus, the blurry movement of different action sequences by Iulis was spot on! Dang, Mattia De Iulis needs to get on some more books pronto.

So, now we get our answers, my fine readers. And sure, they may not be what this bookworm wanted. But, where do we go from here? We still have two issues to go with the “who” and “how” answered for us. Thus, what’s left for those invested in the series? Well, my first remaining question is: why? Why is our villain killing these “super” girls? What’s the point of this entire series? And ultimately, the other idea that this reviewer can’t shake is; why the name “Blindspot”? Where is the blind spot in all of this? Is there something we are missing? Is there “someone” we are missing? There is only one way to find out.


Even though this reviewer was a bit displeased with the answers we received this issue, I’m still holding out hope that there may be something larger in play missing from this story… dare I say a Blindspot? My point is: other than the big reveal, Thompson continues to nail the characteristics of Jessica Jones and continues to get me interested in another installment. My guess is that you’re in the same boat too! So, let’s continue reading the series until the end and both agree to be disappointed in the reveal hoping that something bigger and more sinister is at work! Who’s with me?



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