Jessica Jones: Blindspot #3 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Art: Mattia De Iulis, VC’s Cory Petit, Martin Simmons, and Valerio Giangiordano

Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 12th, 2020

When we last left Jessica Jones, she found herself toe to two with Elsa Moonstone ready for a throwdown. It turns out, Jessica wasn’t the only survivor of a gunshot to the head. Ok, so what in the world do Jessica Jones and Elsa Moonstone have in common? And, who the heck is doing this? As of the last issue, Jones was about as lost as last year’s Easter egg. Let’s hop into JESSICA JONES: BLINDSPOT #3 by Kelly Thompson and see if she can make heads or tails of this $&@$ storm she finds herself in.

If you’re a Jessica Jones fan AND want to see something completely awesome and out of character for your favorite super, the beginning of this issue is totally for you. Thompson sends Jessica on a never-ending Seafood Buffett along the Hudson while Mattia De Iulis explicitly showcases his extraordinary artistic talents. Iulis hammers home some of the best illustrations that this reviewer has seen in weeks. The detail in each action sequence is remarkably dynamic while the vivid colors and even lettering by Cory Petit amplifies this issue to new heights. Each page was brilliantly sharp, crisp, and violently enthusiastic. Words can’t describe how much fun and intense this art team made this issue. Even if you’re not entirely interested in Jessica Jones, this reader highly recommends giving this issue a shot solely for the art alone. You’ll be happy you did!

Now, even though the art was probably the best part of this week’s tale, Thompson’s story wasn’t too shabby either. A writer’s job is not only to tell a story but to also make you feel “something”. In this case, this reader felt like he was actually there with Moonstone and Jessica chopping away at the Hudson. Additionally, Thompson continues to reveal more to new readers of JJ, like me, about her character and perseverance. She is extremely blunt and doesn’t waste time. However, Thompson also uses this issue to focus on Jessica’s sheer strength. JJ is no pushover and can certainly hold her own against some of the best and the brightest. And more importantly, any reader can blatantly see the care Kelly Thompson has for Jessica Jones from her interactions with the carefully construed dialogue with whoever she comes in contact with. I said it last review and I’ll say it again; Thompson is a perfect fit for Jessica Jones!

As for the overall issue, Kelly Thompson creates another well-paced, easy to follow issue that’s gradually piecing together the mystery and strategically dangling clues and cliffhangers along the way as bite-sized carrots to keep readers truckin’ on through to the next issue. The motivation for Moonstone, Jones, and even Dia is realistic however, this reviewer is beginning to reach a point where one of the two big questions needs to be revealed. Who is doing this? And, how did Moonstone and Jones survive a gunshot to the head? Thompson must give us something by the end of issue four or readers may begin to lose interest.


Thompson and Iulis continue to gel so well together. The tone of the issue is perfect and the mystery is still intriguing after three issues. Ultimately, we read comics to be entertained and to lose ourselves in the fantasy of it all for a bit. That’s exactly what will happen this issue! Readers will feel like they are right beside Jessica as she searches for answers and tracks down one lead after another. If you’re interested in something new and different, this series and comic are for you. If you’re already a JESSICA JONES fan, then you need to be reading this. And, if you already read the digital version, this would still be a great story to add to your collection. Pick this issue up, add the series to your pull list, and let me know what you think!





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