Iron Man #7 Preview

Iron Man #7 cover 1

Iron Man #7 Synopsis: Iron Man and his small band of allies go interstellar as they pursue Korvac to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, even as the villainous android intellect tries to telepathically lure Hellcat and Tony toward his bizarre utopian visions. But after an unexpected left turn leaves Iron Man on a remote and uncharted planet, Korvac might take the opportunity to blow Shellhead’s vulnerable friends out of the stars once and for all.

Rated T+

Writer: Christopher Cantwell

Art: CAFU and Alex Ross

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 17th, 2021

Check out the Iron Man #7 Preview Pages below

Iron Man #7 p1Iron Man #7 p2Iron Man #7 p3Iron Man #7 cover 2Iron Man #7 p5Iron Man #7 p6Iron Man #7 cover 3

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