Invincible Iron Man #2 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Juan Frigeri, Bryan Valenza, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Kael Ngu

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: January 18th, 2023

The assassination attempts on Tony’s life continue as a familiar foe returns to take him down in this week’s Invincible Iron Man #2 by Gerry Duggan. It’ll be up to Iron Man and Ironheart to stop him…but what secret is Riri Williams harboring from Tony? And will this change their relationship forever?

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Tony is… going through some stuff. He’s obviously depressed, presumably has fallen off the wagon, appears to have lost his company, and doesn’t seem to care. Now, as intriguing as this angle is, we’ve kind of seen this show before. Well, at least any long-time Iron Man fan has. So, what makes this rodeo any different? RiRi and this magical person setting up Tony make for quite the mystery. Plus, the comic is rather easy to digest and isn’t too difficult to comprehend to this point.

Additionally, the RiRi angle involving the Mandarin Rings was definitely fascinating. I can see some huge fallout coming from this in the future. Plus, the fact that someone is going to large lengths to ruin Tony’s reputation is an interesting thread that’s partially reminiscent of what Bruce Wayne has gone through before as well. Nevertheless, it was nice to know that Tony didn’t really fall off the wagon after all and that the setup runs pretty deep with individuals trying to drug him to get what they want.

All of this aside, it’s the cliffhanger that will set up for a nice plot thread that should really cause some damage for Iron Man in these next couple of issues of Invincible Iron Man. Nonetheless, as much as Duggan wants me to feel like this cliffhanger is a big deal, I just can’t. Who is this person? I need more connection for it to feel a bit more important and the quick monologuing leading up to the final reveal just isn’t enough.


Juan Frigeri’s Living Laser was… different. It kind of reminded me of Mongul’s sister Mongal over at DC Comics. It wasn’t necessarily bad… it was just not expected is all. Additionally, Frigeri’s pencils and inks are a bit sharp and edgy, which again isn’t terrible but that type of rendering always provides a tone that’s a bit more stressful to read for me. It comes across as stiff and rigid and less welcoming to read. I’m not opposed to the style but I think it’s counterproductive at times throughout this story.


Invincible Iron Man #2 quickly puts more fuel on the fire for Tony, incorporates two new characters into the story, and provides little clues as to who might be behind all of this. However, the pacing is perfect, there is just enough action to keep fans interested, and the mystery is still involved enough to make Invincible Iron Man #2 worth the buy. Nevertheless, readers are going to need some type of clues soon or at least a stellar plot thread quickly to keep fans interested. Yes, the pacing is fine, however, readers will need something tangible soon or they may walk. If you have any questions on the review or are ever interested in tackling a comic review of your own, feel free to email me directly at Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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