Invaders #7 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Carlos Magno, Butch Guice, Alex Guimaráes, and VC’s Travis Lanham

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 17th, 2019

The world is forever changed, the Invaders are shattered, and Namor is the world’s greatest threat all in this week’s all-new INVADERS #7 by Chip Zdarsky. Let’s jump into this week’s issue and see what’s happened since Namor became a public enemy Number One!


Chip Zdarsky opens his story arc catching up new readers on the present state of affairs, filling in fans on the tension between Ironman and Captain America, and showing readers how Namor has been gradually losing control of himself. Zdarsky uses the issue as a means of developing the tension that would exist after such a tragic event on all sides, including within Atlantis and the United Nations. Fans of INVADERS witness Bucky realizing that Namor has had Atlantean’s deep uncover for years and tells Sandy to start doing background checks on all individuals working within the military just to be safe. However, Bucky suddenly gets a message to meet “N”. Does that “N” stand for Namor or is that someone else? Readers will have to wait until next issue to find out.

Zdarsky also uses the parallel 1945 story of the INVADERS as a way to compare Red Skull to Namor, which was pure genius. Red Skull was transforming humans into creatures and even says to Namor, “do you not agree that you are better than humans?”. The mini-story was implying that Namor’s actions were truly no better than the Red Skull and his grotesque creations while also playing at their egos in the process. This reviewer wonders if this story, as well as the continual flashbacks to the war, have more of a connection than readers think to Cap’s most diabolical enemy, the Red Skull. Could the Red Skull be behind all of this? Could Red Skull be placing Machan somehow in Namor’s brain? Additionally, didn’t the Red Skull at one point gain Charles Xavier’s mental abilities?

These are simple questions to think about as the story continues because the connection seems too fishy for this reviewer. Furthermore, readers see that Namor not only used his weapon in Maine but also on Russia. However, Namor was unaware that he gave the approval to release another bomb. It turns out, he did approve the second attack and his amnesia, or the “Machan of the mind”, gave the order and has been periodically taking control of Namor. So again, who is really in charge? Is Namor really running the show or is he merely a puppet?

The biggest problems with the issue were simply the lack of action, suspense, and thrills that this reviewer normally experienced throughout each story to date. The excitement just wasn’t there this issue. However, Zdarsky is setting up his new arc and dropping subtle nuggets to a deeper story that’s beneath the physical layers of a simple action throw-down. Readers need to understand that each issue can’t be fight scene after fight scene or one jaw-dropping moment after another. If that was the case, Zdarsky would have to one-up himself each issue, which is practically impossible for any writer to do.

Therefore, Zdarsky took time this issue to build more foundational pieces to this overarching story. Sure, the issue lacked some of the normal fervor and energy that a normal INVADERS issue has had in the past, but the sneaky elements that are scratching the surface are starting to float to the top. Namor is truly losing control and someone is responsible for these mental breakdowns. Someone is working Namor and all signs are pointing this reviewer to the Red Skull or at least someone connected to the war!!! Who better to do a slow burn, work from the shadows, and try to take over the world than Cap’s worst nightmare?

The issue was quick, easy to follow, but a bit boring compared to what readers have seen the past couple of months. However, Zdarsky uses the issue to give new readers a place to jump into the series, sets some groundwork for the next story arc, and drops subtle clues to someone or something working behind the scenes and controlling Namor. At first, this reviewer thought Namor was simply losing his mind. Now, I’m not so sure.


If you’ve been following INVADERS to this point, there is nothing that happened this issue that should ignite or spark your excitement moving forward. However, there is nothing that should disappoint fans either. If you’re on the fence about INVADERS, this reviewer would tell you to pick this issue up and stick with it. INVADERS #1 was probably the slowest issue of the first arc as well. Therefore, it stands to reason that issue 7 would do the same for this arc. Trust me; Zdarsky will pick up the pace, the action, and throw some clever twists our way. There is no doubt in his abilities, his preparation, and his willingness to thoroughly work out all the details to his stories in a powerful way. Add this series to your pull and jump in now if you haven’t yet.


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