Invaders #6 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Carlos Magno, Butch Guice, Alex Guimarães, and VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 12th, 2019

Chip Zdarsky continues his high octane run with INVADERS #6 as Namor’s true plan starts to take shape and Cap realizes he may have made the wrong decision. Let’s kick off our flippers and take a dip into the issue!



Zdarsky opens the issue with Namor’s bomb exploding off the coast of Maine impacting close to 3000 people. However, instead of the bomb killing thousands, it actually changes them all to Atlantean’s, including Nay and Roman. As each person gasps for air, Namor sends a tidal wave into the town submerging all of the people and saving their lives. But again, only after he mutated them into Atlantean’s. The issue ends with the United States scared that other cities or towns will be next on Namor’s agenda. So, Cap takes some time to think after he let the situation get this far. Tony is pissed and wants answers. But, will he get them? We shall see next issue!


Zdarsky’s pacing was great, his action was spot on, the read was so fast, and the stakes felt so high throughout the entire issue. Carlos Magno, Butch Guice, and Alex Guimarães splash pages were beautifully timed while their panel progression literally guided readers through one-third of the issue without dialogue masterfully. Zdarsky continues to poke at the continued conflict between Captain America and Iron Man that started way back in CIVIL WAR and even continued into SECRET EMPIRE. Readers can still sense the tension with every word and action the two characters take, which is ultimately what led to this disaster. If Cap and Tony could work together and find some common ground, maybe this wouldn’t have happened?


This reviewer enjoyed the different art styles from time period to time period. Notice how the art for 1943 looked older and fit a classic comic vibe yet still looked fresh and new. This was a simple stroke of genius by Magno, Guice, and Guimarães. In addition, this reader loved the precision within each character, their reactions to the disaster and tidal wave, the fear, and emotion within every facial expression, and the minuscule detail involved in each hand, outfit, and background. The extensive time this art team put into this book cannot be overlooked.

For example, this fan thoroughly enjoyed the realism of the underwater scenes. No one can talk under the dang water! Thank you Zdarsky! It’s like people talking in space. How? Same deal. Cap could talk BUT he was wearing something over his face to breath. It’s particular features like these that elevated the issue to new heights. This creative team focuses on the minor details because they understand that a good story may have a good plot but a great story is about the brilliant specifics and the minutiae that truly capture the reader’s attention and create a story that will last a lifetime.


Readers will also appreciate the scene where Captain Marvel flies in to stop Tony from taking down Namor because Zdarsky continues to deliver the larger scope that most people feel like their decisions and action will make a difference. Some of the deadliest villains probably thought they were doing good for humanity and this world. However, it turns out that wasn’t the case. From there perspective, they were making Earth a better place. But from another perspective, they weren’t. Tony rushed in like a Bull in a China Shop to take Namor out, however, Namor was actually saving the lives of the people in that Maine town. Zdarsky was hitting the point home that perspective is key to any situation.

Cap was right to try to reason with his friend Namor before initiating all-out war. However, it cost him 3000 American lives being altered into Atlantean’s. Tony was right to try to stop Namor and put him down right away. But, if Tony succeeded, Namor would have never saved those American lives. Point is; both Cap and Tony were right at some point but leadership always comes with hard decisions, difficult choices, and wrong resolutions, which Zdarsky is bringing to the surface of the narrative. We can all look back to see what we did wrong and reflect. That being said, it’s very difficult to move forward and learn from our mistakes. This is another theme that Zdarsky is bringing to the reader’s attention, especially when it comes to war.


I have always gravitated towards the battle between Cap and Tony in any book because it shows that both come from a place in which they so desperately want to make a difference and make the world a better place BUT they’re angle and direction may be at odds. Zdarsky has been building this idea up since the last issue and this reader loves it! This is what makes good people bad for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, it’s a persons vision that may be misconstrued but the purpose is genuine with good intentions. Technically, we find out at the end of the issue that Namor truly thinks he’s saving the world by doing this.

Zdarsky ends the issue making sure readers know through flashbacks that Namor actually thinks he’s rescuing our miserable world from the violence, destruction, and war that comes with it. So, is Namor the hero of this story? This reviewer isn’t entirely sure. However, Zdarsky’s poetic scene at the end of the issue shows Jim’s Android head being rebuilt by Tony with the caption “it’s all taken a toll”. Peace doesn’t come easy and there has never been a war without destruction and casualties. Cap knows this better than anyone, which is why he needs time to process what happened, the mistakes he made, and the steps forward from here. Zdarsky makes sure to hammer this point into the issue while making fans feel for all characters involved, including Namor. It is so difficult to make reader care for the villain of the story but Zdarsky and his creative team find a way to do just that.


Zdarsky has proven throughout these first 6 issues of INVADERS that it’s time for him to run an event. If you’re listening Marvel, give this guy something big. He has taken the Invaders, the Avengers, the Atlantean’s, and placed them together in an epic battle that seems hugely important to the landscape of the Marvel Universe. Yet, this reviewer feels like this book is getting overlooked by so many comic fans. If for some crazy cakes reason you’re reading this review, spread the word. Zdarsky does an amazing job making this issue feel important to the Marvel Landscape while giving the series a classic feel that seems to be missing anywhere else in comics right now. The art team is hitting on all cylinders and sets the tone flawlessly. Zdarsky gets readers to feel genuine emotion for Namor and his cause but also finds a way to still have fans side with Cap. How does he do it? Everyone needs to be reading INVADERS and needs to put this in their pull list. You will not be disappointed.


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