Invaders #11 Review

Written by: Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Carlos Magno, Butch Guice, Alex Guimaraes, and VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 13, 2019

I want you all to know that I consider myself to be the biggest fan of this book in all the land! Sure, I haven’t petitioned the mayor to declare an Invaders Day Celebration…yet, but I have tried to tell everyone I can reach to go out and buy this book. Sadly, like with everything else I try to do in life, nobody listened to me. “Buy the Invaders book”, “Show me some respect”, “Stop punching me there”, “Someone call 911, I am bleeding really bad”, it’s all the same. Because of that, this is the penultimate issue of Invaders and I live my life in a state of constant fear. I’m not sure which I’m more upset about right now, but let’s get on with the review before somebody hears me…

The issue starts with Captain America’s first visit to Bucky’s grave. Iron Man is with him and it’s nice, but a little too quick. I really wanted a little more of some good old, your best friend died in the war kind of feels. That said, we kind of have been there done that so many times so it’s off to something on the newer part of the scale… Steve and Namor castaways! If the two of them get thrown in as “and the rest” when this becomes a television show, I will be so pissed! By the way, if you know what I’m talking about, you are now my BFF! Namor is such a debbie downer here, sitting on the beach, moping as Steve cooks them dinner. I know he’s human now, but Steve was just a blue fish guy and he wasn’t bitching this much! Chip Zdarsky does a great job using flashbacks to show the reader how Cap and Namor are more alike than I would have even surmised and it plays out well as the issue goes on as Steve tries to pump up his former ally and friend.

Steve and Namor then break it down and while Steve throws massive shade at Charles Xavier (good! That guy’s been riding a bit too high lately), Namor only blames himself. It’s a bit of superhero nature vs nurture and I’m kind of in the middle of the debate of whether Namor would have done those bad things without Machan in his head.

We continue with our duo finding a military base on the island and there is a quick bit here that is so smart and shows the Zdarsky thinks his scenes through… Steve tells Namor to hold back because he is used to bullets bouncing off him. As I said, it’s a quick line, but a great one. What they find in the base, however, is horrifying!

I think some Roxxon scientists may have recently read The Island of Doctor Moreau (let’s hope they didn’t watch the 1996 movie!) as they are making all sorts of crazy creatures which of course, Steve and Namor now have to stop. Actually, it’s Namor who can’t stands no more and goes on the attack as Steve plays up the physical comedy of diving to catch the bottles of Genus Compound that of course get knocked over.
It all continues with a Ripley Mech Suit attack and monsters that look like they came straight from a Sci-Fi channel movie with a “vs” between two of whatever the hell you’d call them taking their revenge. Classic!

The issue ends with Steve demanding that Namor remembers who they fought together and also the promise they made when they both found themselves in a time that seemed to forget them. It was a really nice way to tie it all in as we head for the big finale. That’s pretty much what the cliffhanger page sets up…the Invaders saving the world one more time for old times sake!

This issue was a pure setup/recap issue, but not in the usual way. Instead of showing us what happened in the past 10 issues leading to next months ending, it showed us what made Steve, Namor great teammates, and friends. It’s something that Zdarsky has pushed with Steve since we started, but seeing Steve not give up on his friend and being the inspiration that Captain America should be was great! Seriously, though, I thought Steve was going to haul off and deck Namor about six times in the issue. Now it’s off to the finish line…

Carlos Magno and Butch Guice kick ass and I do think this is one of the best in the series. We get a bunch of locations, some hideous animal combinations, weather effects and more. I hope they can somehow top themselves next month!

Final Thoughts:

I will be sad to see this book end next issue, but I really liked the setup here to get to it. Chip Zdarsky sets up the team and the men beneath the superhero facade and I am sure the final battle will mean way more because of it. I know it’s too late to save this book, but if you haven’t been reading it, it’s not too late to jump on, catch up and enjoy the finale with all us cool kids that know where it’s at!


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