Invaders #10 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Butch Guice, Carlos Magno, Alex Guimaraes, and VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 9, 2019

CAPTAIN AMERICA and WINTER SOLDIER have sacrificed EVERYTHING to find the GENUS FORMULA, but can they overcome both ROXXON and NAMOR? And after a major betrayal, who’s side is NAMOR even on as DOOMSDAY approaches? DEAD IN THE WATER continues here!

The issue opens up back in 1943 and while we have been staying more and more in the present lately, I really dig looking back at “better times”…you know, during WWII! It is some down time for Namor and Steve so they head off to Atlantis and hopefully a sleepover with pizza, movies, and feetsy pajamas!

We cut to the present and see Steve and Bucky in their full Atlantian makeover which gets them into Atlantis quicker than Shuttle Tydirium got to Endor with an older code (but, it checked out) and one step closer to getting the Genus Compound.

Of course, Steve changes the plan to save one man, but it’s a pretty cool man and even Bucky had to agree when all was said and done. The problem is, this little detour gave another party a chance to butt in line and grab the compound…yep, it’s that damn Roxxon again, always gumming up the works! Yea, that’s not going to trigger Namor much!

The issue jumps to Machan who is involved in his own plan which involves a lot of shade being throne Namor’s way. I mean, the minute the guy gets out of Namor’s head he can’t wait to talk mucho shit!

I want to pause a second to mention that while I like the art in this issue, some of the scene transitions could have been set up a little better especially since we are underwater and most of the backgrounds are very similar. A couple times it took me a few panels to actually realize we had changed scenes and I had to go back and reread them…I am a busy man who doesn’t like playing MC Skat Kat when I read!

We do get to the surface as Toro and Human Torch run right into Machan and he shows that he isn’t to be messed with and Steve and Namor make a desperate attempt to retrieve the Genus Compound from Roxxon.

The issue ends with the reveal of the powerplay going on at Roxxon and Namor and Steve playing a little Skipper and Gilligan… Hopefully with pizza, movies and feetsy pajamas…all made of coconuts for sure!

This issue was a lot of set up, but set up with some reveals and a big change in the immediate direction of the story. Things did get a little too hectic at points, so I am glad about the castaway angle that will surely allow Namor and Steve to get back on the same page again now that they have a couple of common enemies. Besides the transition issues I mentioned earlier, I liked the art and had a pretty good time with this issue overall.

Final Thoughts:

I am still digging Invaders and while this issue is a whole lot of set up, we get some big reveals and a cliffhanger that seems like fun before wrapping it up. I mean, there is nothing like an island vacation to get war buddies back together and ready to kick butt, right? Right!


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