Infinite Frontier #6 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Art: Xermanico, Romulo Farjardo Jr., Tom Napolitano, and Mitch Gerads

Publisher: DC Comics


Release Date: September 7th, 2021

Can a story ever really end? Not anymore… It’s actually quite sad. To progress through a story with the sensation of feeling and purpose only to succumb to the reality in the final issue that it was all set up for something.. more, is getting so incredibly taxing. Isn’t it always something more? However, I’m just getting tired of… more. Tired of the continuation of the next big thing after the next big thing. One non-ending into another non-ending. Well DC COMIC fans, that’s exactly what happens as INFINITE FRONTIER #6 by Joshua Williamson concludes this week. Or, does it just roll on into something else? Let’s find out!

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Here’s what we get. Darkseid is merely trying to control the Omniverse and has realized Earth-Omega is the key. He needed the Flash and the Black Lantern Ring to somehow work together to crack open access to other Multiverses so he could control something even greater than the Anti-Life Equation. (Gasp! Something greater?) Darkseid states that it’s been dormant since the First Crisis, which we’ll work our way back to before this issue is kaput. Now, I have my theories. However, that’s for a later discussion.

Nevertheless, the final fight is small, quick, and easily devoured by Obsidian talking to Roy Harper and President Superman punching Machinehead in the face. Side note: I still don’t get why Machinehead is so angry with Thomas Wayne. Anyway, the fight of all fights between Darkseid and President Superman… the fight portrayed on the cover … never happens. Darkseid just whooshes everyone away like nothing ever happened ending the massive build-up that was INFINITE FRONTIER. Really? We get no big fight, an easy showdown, and another cover the mocks fans with what could have been. Sadly, yes…

Finally, readers get an Epilogue that’s wrapped in a riddle, twisted in an enigma, covered in quandary, and sowed closed with confusion. All the pomp and circumstance is merely leftover to seduce readers to continue into the Justice League Incarnate ongoing beginning this November. Now sure, I’m intrigued. Yet, royally confused. Before INFINITE FRONTIER began, I was excited about direction and purpose. Truthfully, it’s been pure chaos involving continuity and understanding at DC COMICS since the New 52 began. As INFINITE FRONTIER continued to unravel, I had high hopes for that driving purpose that’s been missing for years. I genuinely thought we were on the precipice of organization, explanation, orientation, and foundation. Sadly, it seems as though that is not the case as new and old fans are left empty-handed with more questions and few answers.


There is no doubt in this reviewer’s mind that the best aspect of this entire issue/ series of INFINITE FRONTIER was the art. Xermanico and Romulo Farjardo Jr. were outstanding and frankly the most redeeming facets of the issue. Darkseid was thoroughly impressive, fierce, and extremely intimidating. Machineheads face was wildly disturbing, and the colors were vibrant and explosive. Xermanico and Farjardo Jr. held this issue together and are truly responsible for telling the story this week. My only wish is that they had more substance to procure to the readers. However, we’ll have to see what comes in 2022.


INFINITE FRONTIER’S conclusion is far from a conclusion. Williamson very well might have made things a bit more convoluted than they needed them to be. Readers will discover the opening of multiple Multiverses in a plethora of tangled plot threads that appear to do more harm than good for anyone trying to venture back into DC COMICS. I hoped that INFINITE FRONTIER would help new and old readers alike to better navigate these past decades of royal plight. Instead, Williamson has made things just as difficult to understand as they were prior while dangling a few carrots for long-time fans in the process.

What felt like a golden opportunity to uncomplicate and fix the DC landscape may have backfired, especially for new readers interested in navigating this exceedingly rough terrain. As for INFINITE FRONTIER #6, what should have been an impressive, epic battle between President Superman and Darkseid fell flat. The culminating battle was all but a culminating battle. Darkseid was very un-Darkseid, Thomas Wayne didn’t feel like Tom King’s version or the FLASHPOINT’S version, and nothing really transpires with the Flash himself. For a vital component to Darkseid’s plan, we didn’t learn much nor showcase him at all. Additionally, Roy Harpers’ character as the Omega Lantern could have been anyone making the connective tissue involving his return insignificant. Was Roy just involved to fix another Tom King misstep? Sure, the issue was fun, however, it was very surface level. The true saving grace of this series by far was the amazingly dynamic illustrations and colors from this art team. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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