Impact Winter #1 Review

Writer: Travis Beacham

Artist: Stephen Green

Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth

Letterer: Andworld Design

Release Date: July 13, 2022

Price: $3.99

Reviewer: Lukke Sweet

Impact Winter #1 by Travis Beacham is a one-shot prequel to the audiobook, Impact Winter, also written by Travis Beacham, who some readers may recognize as the writer for Pacific Rim.  The comic opens on a group of survivors, struggling to live in a world where the sun has been blocked out in the aftermath of an asteroid strike, plunging everything into an eternal winter.   To make matters worse for the survivors, with the endless winter has come another threat… Vampires!

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The Story

Impact Winter #1 fleshes out the world that Travis Beacham has begun exploring through his Audible Original series.  It introduces us to Darce, a fledgling vampire hunter just beginning to experience the world outside of the survivor’s castle.  Headstrong and over-confident, Darce has a tendency to venture away from the group, despite numerous warnings not to wander off alone.  

An orphan, Darce’s only surviving relative is her younger sister, Hope.  Darce’s priorities revolve around the group of survivors that have come together, especially Hope, which is where the main conflicts of the issue come in.  

Overall, the story serves as a solid introduction to the setting and characters of Impact Winter and will have readers looking for the audiobook.  

The Art

The art for this one-shot is provided by Stephen Green and Matt Hollingsworth, and they are the perfect choice for this issue. Green’s line work is grungy and dynamic, which is a great combination for a story focused on vampire-hunters and survivalists. Each panel emphasizes the creepiness of Impact Winter and the Blighters, which is what the vampires are referred to.  

Hollingsworth’s colors only further the feeling of unease as he mainly uses dark, cool tones throughout the issue.  When he uses warm or vibrant tones, the panels pop and it adds a sense of excitement and action to already exciting artwork.

Final Thoughts

Impact Winter #1 is a gripping tale of survival as the last of humanity fights against the environment and the supernatural.  Serving as a prequel to the Audible Original of the same name, this comic will hook readers and have them wishing for more.


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