Immortal X-Men #1 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Art: Lucas Werneck, David Curiel, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tom Muller, and Mark Brooks

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 30th, 2022

The Quiet Council regulates the Krakoan era, whether you agree with the decisions or not. Now, shuddered by INFERNO and X LIVES / X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE, this council seeks to put itself back together, no matter what the cost. Let’s dive into IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 by Kieron Gillen who returns to the X-MEN franchise along with artist Lucas Werneck to bring us all into the room where the most influential people on the planet will determine the future of this world.

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We get a rundown of the new lay of the land on the Quiet Council, as well as some background (and almost forgotten info) on the characters and their traits. Gillen utilizes this comic space as a tool to get fans caught up on recent events and attempts to build a firm foundation for new readers moving forward in this DESTINY OF X. Yet, the clever tactic is that Gillen chooses to do this through the lens of Sinister.

Moreover, Gillen gives fans our first taste and depiction of Sinister. Now, as a fan of Zeb Wells’ take on HELLIONS, Gillen’s version does resonate with Sinister’s arrogance and sarcasm just without the humor and witty zingers. It’s a good look but I still appreciated Wells’ take a bit better. Given time, Gillen’s version could surprise me too.

Another “gem” in this issue of IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 is that Sinister’s Secrets are back… but a bit more clear. You see, now there is a coding system elaborating on exactly who and what knows these secrets, as well as how deep the secrets are. Sure, there is still some ambiguity but not nearly as much as it was before. Frankly, it’s laid out well to catch readers up on the new status quo. Yet fans will find one of the mysteries quite interesting that this reviewer is interested in seeing unfold.

Moreover, Gillen continues to provide readers with the new status quo of almost all books across the X-MEN continuity by using a quick interview process that lightens the load and doesn’t bog down IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 with incessant dialogue or narration. It’s almost as if Gillen organized this opening installment to organically fill everyone in making IMMORTAL X-MEN a must-buy to anyone interested in hopping in on the X-MEN train from here.

However, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) wrinkles to hit this new era since HOXPOX dropped slams as IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 comes to a close. Have you ever been curious as to how Sinister gets all these secrets? Have you ever wondered why and how he knows so much? Well, stick it out until the end and find out. It’s one wildly creative twist that’s sure to get fans excited for the future of the X-MEN series.


Nothing stands out this week from Lucas Werneck that makes IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 dazzling to the eyes. Yet, as always, Werneck’s illustrations are just rock solid. His linework is thick, almost like an outline or sticker in some parts which adds to the crisp, clean nature of his work. The smaller panels were busy, a bit cluttered with word balloons, but extremely detailed. However once again, when given the space to shine, Werneck soars on page 30 as well as the final page. Furthermore, the reds, oranges, and yellows really popped off the page and brighten the issue up.


IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 is informative and creates the perfect starting point for fans to jump on board. If you’ve ever been on the fence as to whether or not to get in on the X-MEN action, now is the time. Plus Gillen has made it super easy to follow, summarized most of the events incredibly well, and provided some unique crinkles to boot. Now, for a much better understanding, as well as the cliff notes version of the Hickman Era, read HOXPOX, X OF SWORDS, HELLFIRE GALA, and INFERNO to get a good snapshot of the era. If you can’t afford all of that and need to make cuts, you’d still be fine with HOXPOX and INFERNO.

But alas, readers will leave IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 energized for what’s to come with a few carrots dangled that are sure to make the DESTINY OF X phase quite interesting. And with Sinister as a focal point for the series, fans will undoubtedly become submerged in some smarmy, arrogant, and humorous dialogue that will drive the intrigue and delivery of this title. Gillen does just enough to spark readers’ interests and reveals the perfect amount to provoke clever speculations and intrigue. I truly recommend picking up IMMORTAL X-MEN #1 and adding the series to your pull list. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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