Immortal Hulk #40 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Joe Bennett, Ruy José, Belardino Brabo, Paul Mounts, Matt Milla, VC’s Cory Petit, and Alex Ross


Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 18th, 2020

From top to bottom, IMMORTAL HULK #40 by Al Ewing is chaotic fun! Readers are reintroduced to Gamma Flight, a new man in charge, and a new Sasquatch. Ewing creatively wiggles around some concepts he introduced to bring some rather intriguing concepts to the surface. Plus, before this week’s IMMORTAL HULK is through, Hulk’s “Agents of Smash” finally piece the Leaders plan together while Mr. Fixit takes the reigns and does the unthinkable.

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After reading this installment, I truly don’t see what could kill the HULK. He’s been cut into pieces, melted, exploded, incinerated, and even more I can’t remember. Every time, the Big Green Goliath is back and ready to go. This week, another crazy feet shows the insane capabilities of our ”not so” Jolly Green Giant. So, how do you stop the unstoppable? Now, I’m not saying Ewing is necessarily trying to do just that… but… after his run on IMMORTAL HULK ends after issue 50, where do you go from here?

As for the issue at hand, anyone who reads solicits could assume where this story was going to end. So, I wasn’t shocked to see the rematch on the horizon. However, I’m still pretty pumped for it, especially because we’ll get Joe Bennett to showcase all he’s got in that amazing battle next issue. Nevertheless, this issue’s art shouldn’t be overlooked either. Bennett continues his dominance as one of the most horrifyingly graphic artists on the market with what can only be classified as the IMMORTAL HULK giving birth to… himself! Yup! That’s probably the best way to characterize the images by Bennett. And it was gross… and powerful… and ultimately makes this comic one of the best on the market. I’ve said it at least 18 times now over these past two years of reviewing this comic… Ewing’s story is good, however, it’s Bennett that makes this series one of the greats!


IMMORTAL HULK #40 is the most fun I’ve had with Ewing’s run in a long time. Now, that’s not to say I didn’t like the other issues prior or that they weren’t entertaining. Nonetheless, they were just a different type of entertainment. This issue wasn’t too deep or thought-provoking. It was straightforward, action-packed, crammed with energy, fast-paced, and even filled in some gaps. Sure, it may have been a bit of a filler/ transition issue. However, after recent events, I think it was needed and should be well-received. Additionally, other than one extremely graphic instance, this issue felt more like a Superhero Comic than a Horror Comic. This thematic transition was a great change of pace and atmosphere that provided a different trope that fans of IMMORTAL HULK simply aren’t accustomed to. Nevertheless, even though this installment felt a bit like a space opera meets adventure story, fans still simultaneously tasted many of the key elements that have made Ewing and Bennett’s run uniquely special.


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2 thoughts on “Immortal Hulk #40 Review

  1. I think this issue was the breath of air it needed before diving right back into the gamma madness. Seeing Joe Fixit in the driver’s seat was fun, and hopefully we’ll get to see him as the Gray Hulk again next issue or so. At least once.

    1. I’d love to see the Grey guy back for a bit. My personal wonder when all this is said and done… I wonder if Joe finds a way to pilot another gamma being and we get a separation … ie banner hulk will say and a Joe grey hulk walking around at the same time… if that makes sense

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