Immortal Hulk #37 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Joe Bennett and Alex Ross

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 16th, 2020

When Banner first came to Shadow Base, he was sliced, diced into pieces, and cataloged in jars. Now, Shadow Base is surprisingly under his control. However, Bruce Banner was only the second test subject. Let’s smash into IMMORTAL HULK #37 by Al Ewing and see what happens as the first test subject is set free!

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Readers, IMMORTAL HULK #37 continues to fit the puzzle pieces together in such an imaginative way. The true villain of this story surfaces and Hulk fans finally see how he’s manipulating all the strings and utilizing the true power and potential of the Green Door. Now, the “how” he’s able to do all of this is left out. However, by the end of the issue, the “why” becomes rather clear. Furthermore, readers will be shocked to see what happens to one of Hulk’s closest friends while being in awe of what Crusher Creel’s immense abilities are truly capable of.

As far as the story goes, this issue was certainly riveting and has all the bells and whistles. It’s piled high with action and steeped in clever ingenuity that will really draw readers into the story. Ewing is definitely making this run of IMMORTAL HULK one of the most cerebral battles Banner has ever faced while drenching the plot with enormous creativity. Tack on the horrifyingly grotesque artistic chops of Joe Bennett and this run could genuinely be one of the best HULK fans have seen in quite some time. This reviewer’s only nitpick is the lack of explanation involving the Green Door. Where did it come from? How is it connected to the gamma? Was Banner the first to connect to it? And, how does one of Hulk’s biggest rivals control it so well? Now, do I need to know these answers immediately? Absolutely not! Nor will any of this knock the score on this single issue. However, I’d like these answers and more before the series concludes.


IMMORTAL HULK fans need to get to their shops ASAP! This issue was gripping, mysterious, and so well written. Readers interested in the Big Green Goliath will be piqued from start to finish while Ewing’s ingenuity to incorporate the Gamma Flight characters as well as the Hulk Shadow Base team were incredibly fluid and well balanced. Readers can truly see Ewing’s story beginning to unfold and to those, like myself, who’ve come along for the ride since it’s inception, they finally get to see this story take shape. The planning and time that Ewing and Bennett put forth in each issue to mold this fantastic tale together are truly incredible. I absolutely can’t wait for the next issue and the cliffhanger alone should be enough to jump-start HULK fans for the final thirteen issues. Pick this issue up and add it to your pull list already!


4 thoughts on “Immortal Hulk #37 Review

  1. Honestly, I’m glad this issue killed it, and the same goes for the Immortal Hulk #0. Ever since Issue #25, I know plenty of people more or less jumped off, but thanks to The Leader we’re back on track.
    I’m even more excited that we actually get to SEE The Leader active in his machinations. I was worried we’d get 5 or 10 issues with everyone but the Leader, then a single issue info-dumping readers on his plan. Instead, we’re getting to see his plan unfold as the story progresses and it looks like a sweet evil plan. Plus, it’s just great seeing Bennett draw The Leader.

    1. It was a solid read and I agree, since issue 25 it’s been up and down more than normal but still overall pretty solid. Thanks for the comments and the read! I really appreciate it

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