Immortal Hulk #36 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Joe Bennett, Ruy Rosé, Matt Milla, VC’s Cory Petit, and Alex Ross

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 12th, 2020

This has got to be one of the fastest reads I’ve seen in a long time. From beginning to end, this issue is full of nonstop, relentless action showcasing Joe Bennett, Ruy José, and Matt Milla’s combined efforts on art. To those nervous that the preview pages spoiled the issue, they weren’t even the icing on the cake. There is still a ton of untapped, gamma-powered potential just waiting to be unleashed in these pages. Let’s smash into IMMORTAL HULK #36 and take a look!

Here is the thing: there will be two camps reviewing this comic. The first camp will say “nothing really happens.” And truthfully, they would be correct. In terms of plot and story, this entire comic presumably takes place within 5 actual minutes of time max. Furthermore, Ewing doesn’t really evolve the story much nor is the issue cluttered with dialogue, word balloons, or narration. This choice helps the story flow well and leans heavily on the brutal action across each panel BUT it places the creativity and imagination more on Bennett and his art team in the process. The second camp will say “this $&@$ was $&@$ awesome!” Why? Well, Hulk fans clearly love watching the jade giant throw down against every beast of the field. And, let me tell you, he definitely does that! However, this issue illustrates a pretty solid team up with a killer ending that will leave fans pumped for issue 37.

For this reviewer, I find myself in both camps. I wanted more from Ewing, the story, and for him to iron out more of a direction as to where we are going. However, incredibly large clues and plot twists have recently been revealed within the last three issues. So, readers have been surprised by Ewing lately whereas Bennett and his team have been off the book for an issue or two and thus this comic welcomes the team back in one of their most horrifying displays in months. Plus, the fast-paced and rigorously harsh action is never-ending. Who wouldn’t want to see that?! Furthermore, the two twists at the end made this reviewer practically on the edge of his seat for the next installment. What more could a Hulk Fan want?


Ewing certainly takes a back seat this issue for the return of the frighteningly detailed illustrations of Joe Bennett and his art team. To fans that have been reading since the beginning, you’ll also agree that some issues are more art heavy and brutal than others leaving some of the plot to be a bit less desirable. Well, IMMORTAL HULK #36 is one of those installments this week. However, Ewing and Bennett work so well together that readers get their style by now and know that an epic battle royale was long overdue by this point and well needed. Overall, IMMORTAL HULK fans ultimately get what they want from this issue. However, this is definitely not a place for anyone to jump into the series. Nonetheless, even an average fan or simply a comic fan, in general, will fall in love with the art this week!


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