Immortal Hulk #20 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Joe Bennett

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 3rd, 2019

Bruce Banner is being hunted on two fronts by two dead loved ones turned nightmarish, implacable foes all in this week’s IMMORTAL HULK #20 by Al Ewing. The stage is set for a brutal three-way confrontation between the Abomination, the Harpy, and the Immortal Hulk. Let’s smash into this one and see!



Now, this issue is heavy duty. Al Ewing has taken the indestructible and incredibly unstoppable Green Goliath and beautifully constructed this thought-provoking comic tapestry of Ancient Hebrew and Jewish Mysticism with the infamous Hulking Behemoth is such a magical way. Readers, this issue is Gamma meets the Bible! It’s The One Above All now meets The One Below All! In all seriousness, Ewing’s run is turning into a masterpiece with each issue showing the time, dedication, and research meticulously put into each page, panel, and issue. In addition, Joe Bennett and the art team work tirelessly to put together horrifically detailed art on each page that draws readers in and grabs their attention from start to finish. Comic fans couldn’t ask for a better one-two punch.


Earlier, this reviewer used the phrase “Jewish Mysticism”. So, how do I know Ewing has gone Biblical? Well, this reviewer is not only fascinated with comic lore but I’m also extremely enthralled by Biblical literature as well. Readers should look no further than the last word and name of the issue, “Metatron”. Even though the word “Metatron” doesn’t appear in the Torah, it does appear in the Talmud and the Book of Enoch, which this reviewer will simply classify as ancient Rabbinic and Christian texts.

Some believe Metatron is the name of the highest Angel and is second only to YAHWEH or God Himself, which makes the being Bruce talks to epically powerful. If that wasn’t a large enough clue for readers that Hulk has gone Biblical, the words “Geburah” and “Golachab” are Kabbalistic in nature and refer to good and evil, or angels and demons, or even heaven and hell to a degree. So, yes Hulk fans… Ewing went Biblical!


The leap Ewing has made to make Gamma more than just science was shockingly amazing. The line that Ewing uses that “everything is more than one thing” really hit this review with admiration and applause. This is something that I have always personally thought, especially to people who believe in one side of the spectrum or the other. Why can’t science and religion go together? Why can’t Gamma be explained through science but also by something much deeper? The two concepts are not like oil and water.

Mark Waid explored this idea with his DOCTOR STRANGE run by making techno-sorcery. Again, science and magic mixed together. Ewing is explaining the unexplainable but showing readers that scientifically proving something doesn’t make it less spiritual, magical, or religious. The reverse is also true. Something scientific, like Gamma Radiation, could be very magical and spiritual in nature.


Ewing is implying that Bruce literally opened a Green Door when his Gamma testing went off. Banner scientifically connected to something spiritual by pure accident. However, this spiritual doorway was opened scientifically. In addition, every being who has been affected by this Gamma Radiation is also connecting spiritually to something bigger than themselves or science.

Ewing guides readers deeper down the pathway that Gamma may very well be the energy that connects all living things. Scientifically, Gamma Rays are oftentimes generated from exploding stars, which are partially like small “Big Bangs” or better yet… life creating explosions. Point is, Ewing is our “Maestro” taking readers down a very deep, dark path and this reviewer is tremendously excited for this profoundly intense journey and hopes everyone else is enjoying it too!


If you love the Hulk, buy this issue and add it to your pull list. If you love stories that make you really think about something mysterious, powerful, and heavy than this issue is for you. If you have Biblical interests, this issue is for you. If you love action-packed fights laid out gorgeously by this dynamic art team led by Joe Bennett, you need to buy this issue. Basically, I don’t know who wouldn’t like this issue! Everyone needs to read this series. Buy the trades to catch up and start now with issue 20 if you want to read something truly next level! Ewing has something for everyone in every issue. Give issue 20 a try and tell me what you think.


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