Icon Vs. Hardware #1 Preview

Icon Vs. Hardware #1 Preview: Two titans of the Milestone Universe clash — and in the process, set in motion a chain of events leading to a story bigger than you could ever imagine! When Hardware discovers a long-suppressed time machine hidden in a government warehouse, his obsession with righting the wrongs of the past — those of both American history and his own tragic family — will unravel the fabric of time for the Milestone Universe. But while there are many problems with Hardware’s plan, there’s one big one: wherever he goes in America’s last two centuries, Icon is there, having lived through it! And a man as powerful as Icon knows the profound danger of the forces Curtis Metcalf is unleashing…and he’ll do whatever it takes to put the genie back in the bottle! Icon Vs Hardware is the official kickoff of Act One of Milestone’s WORLDS COLLIDE event—and if you think you know what that phrase means, you’d better not get overconfident! This is the ideal jumping-on point for those who’ve sat out the story of Dakota so far, because this ride is headed somewhere unexpected!


Art by TBD

Cover by RAHZZAH


1:25 variant cover by DENYS COWAN and JOHN FLOYD

$4.99 US | 32 pages | 1 of 5 | (all covers are card stock)

ON SALE 2/14/23

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