History of the Marvel Universe #4 Review

Writer: Mark Waid

Art: Javier Rodríguez, Álvaro López, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Steve McNiven, Mark Farmer, and Morry Hollowell

Release Date: October 16th, 2019

As Galactus’ life is fading, he tells Franklin that he wants to continue his story. I’m glad he wants to continue too! Let’s dive into more Marvel history!!

For those expecting a traditional comic story, stop now. This book is literally what it says. A visual guide of the Marvel Universe only thinly veiled as a story. Mark Waid wastes no time as we dive right into perhaps the most famous Marvel story ever.

Issue four shows some of the biggest events in all of Marvel’s great history, as well as alternate universes/timelines and Waid again shows his ability to give a very brief but detailed description that informs readers. He’s very good at this.

As a reviewer that is by no means a Marvel “expert”, I find this whole series invaluable. The fact that the whole Secret Wars event can be summarized in one page by a few paragraphs and Javier Rodríguez’s spectacular art is a testament to how this creative team can help draw in new readers without bombarding them with too many words. Brief descriptions and great art are the way to go!

These single issues are also perfect to show friends to perhaps get them interested in comics. I can only imagine how this whole series will look in a deluxe hardcover or omnibus format.

And while Marvel has had some truly great stories over the years, we really need to take a moment to talk about the art. As one who can’t even write my own name legibly, the talent on display by Javier Rodríguez is hard to describe other than to say that he’s one of the very best!! His ability to draw in any style or era of Marvel comics is unreal.

Final Thoughts:

As we get into dive into what I consider the greatest era of Marvel Comics, Mark Waid and Javier Fernandez bring their “A” game yet again in another very informative and beautiful issue.


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