Hellions #9 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Stephen Segovia


Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 3rd, 2021

Mr. Sinister is missing! Sounds like a job for X-Factor, right?! Or not! Let’s head to our favorite island destination of Krakoa and see what’s going on with the Hellions team and who may truly be pulling the so-called strings in the case of the missing mutant!

We don’t get much in preview pictures this month but the one page we do show in a nutshell why I like Hellions and Mr. Sinister, in particular, so much! He’s such an overconfident, egomaniac that you could seriously think he’s joking about himself. But he’s not!!

We quickly jump to some Game of Thrones type nonsense and we’re into our story which our cover does a great job of spoiling!

One of the reasons I like Hellions so much is Zeb Wells’ writing style. While it’s a decent size team for sure, we don’t get the full team together on page till the issue is halfway through. That provides half the issue for smaller one on one conversations and smaller group interactions that after I’m done reading the issue make me feel like I know the characters more. It’s not like a Justice League book where a team with way too many members stand around all issue talking and Flash is in the background and gets just one bad joke in and that’s it! Each character in Hellions gets a prime page and dialogue time and I love it!

A plan is hatched to retrieve Sinister and while I’m no fan of the X books “data dump” pages, we get a good one here!!

I also don’t check out solicits, so this month’s cliffhanger was truly a surprise, even though I figured it out the page before the reveal based on some shoes. Long-time X-men fans will be happy for sure…

Final Thoughts:

While this issue was a quick read there sure is a whole lot going on! Zeb Wells leads what is one of my favorite of all the “X” book ongoings in his typical snarky, fun fashion. Mr. Sinister is also cementing his place as one of my favorite mutants ever!!


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