Hellions #8 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Stephen Segovia, David Curiel, VC’s Ariana Maher, Tom Muller, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.


Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 6th, 2021

It was a reasonably easy mission: procure Nanny’s ship and build a new containment suit of armor for the recently resurrected Orphan-Maker before he blows and kills the world. However, Cameron Hodge is back with a fresh new life from Hell and he’s interested in delivering these mutants with his own Holy Sacrament! Let’s dive into HELLIONS #8 by Zeb Wells and see if this band of misfits can escape with Nanny’s new suit and possibly a stowaway before this issue comes to a close.

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This issue is one heck of a layer cake. Zeb Wells mixes and mashes some intricate concepts for the future of this series, as well as all of the X-MEN titles. Furthermore, Wells gives readers a ton to think about before this issue concludes. Are evolved Artificial Intelligence real beings? Is killing free-thinking A.I. murder? Technically, they are evolved machines, right? So, are mutants any different? They are merely evolved humans fighting for survival. Gosh, this issue of HELLIONS stuck with me and gave this reviewer so much to process. I’d genuinely love your thoughts on the issue. Please feel free to message me and let me know what you think!

Nevertheless, HELLIONS wasn’t only an interesting thought exercise in philosophical issues. This week’s installment was hilarious! And the kicker, Sinister wasn’t even in it! Wells’ style blends perfectly with this title making Empath the star of the show this week. Our HELLIONS find themselves stuck between a robotic rock and an artificial hard place with no possible means to escape. However, the individual whose powers won’t work on robots happens to be the one who finds a way to save everyone humorously. Come on… that’s just good writing. And, as if that’s not enough, Wells has this team maturing and working together beautifully. The character growth is shining through in spades adding even more foundation to this series.


HELLIONS provided just enough action to keep readers intrigued in the story while developing deeper relationships with the characters, fortifying extensive growth between members of the team, and providing readers with some philosophical ideas to ponder for the future. Wells gives fans an easy read that makes sense while ultimately proving this team is for real. Each week, HELLIONS is sliding higher and higher up on my stack and easily one of the top 5 X-MEN titles on the market. If you’re interested in more HELLIONS praise, click HERE to read my BEST OF 2020 article and let me know what you think. Thanks for the read and God Bless!


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2 thoughts on “Hellions #8 Review

  1. As usual, this series continues to be a surprise hit among all of the X-Men books. Aside from “The Vault” story in X-Men and Wolverine, this is the one I keep getting excited for and this issue proves why.

    1. I’m pumped for the vault… Real pumped. As for hellions, it may have surpassed maruaders on my list of x books. I like x-men, x-force, and wolverine in no order. But I think hellions in next in line right now

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