Hellions #2 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Stephen Segovia, David Curiel, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, and Rain Beredo

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 22nd, 2020

The Hellions can hardly resist from murdering each other, let alone find a way to fit into Krakoan society. Nonetheless, that might be just what Mister Sinister is estimating as he dispatches them to clean up his most urgent mess. Let’s jump into HELLIONS #2 by Zeb Wells to see what $&@$ this crew is about to stumble into this issue!

Gosh, I hate to do this comparison… but I’m just going to do it. This comic looks and feels like a nastier, more animalistic, and more sinister SUICIDE SQUAD. This series has hints of a more horror-based comic with extremely violent undertones that will draw in readers that are searching for something a bit more frightening and murderous in their X-diets. Additionally, this week’s story is unduly alluring and the plot will show that Wells is saturated in some Sinister lure.

Wells’ cast of characters shows his inner X-fanboy and creates a sheer display of authentic relationships between these characters that seem incredibly doomed to fail from the start. However, Wells will have you believing in these misfits somehow before the issues over regardless of the outcome. And if that isn’t enough, take a character dive into the two lead roles within the team to see there inner struggles and demons. Havok is so damaged while Psylocke tries her best to make this as much of a fully functional team as possible. This team of freaks and outcasts are cursed to fail but somehow you can’t help but cheer them on!


Readers, HELLIONS #2 is humorous and something vibrantly fresh that Marvel never knew it needed. It’s new and it’s unique to anything Marvel is putting out right now while providing that extra spark to add some spirit to the X-books. It’s an excellent addition to the X-MEN titles and Zeb Wells feels like a great fit. HELLIONS is a comic I truly didn’t know I wanted or needed but I simply can’t wait until next month’s issue to wet my whistle. Sign me up for this series and add HELLIONS to my pull list as I’m sure you should all do the same. I have no doubt true X-MEN fans will love this issue while readers new to the X-Men since the HOUSE OF X/ POWERS OF X kick-off will be captivated by the violently intriguing and dastardly display. HELLIONS is incredibly extraordinary and will leave readers thirsty for more. Pick this issue up and let me know what you think.


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