Hellions #12 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Stephen Segovia, David Curiel, Rain Beredo, and Ariana Maher

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: June 2nd, 2021

Well, there are Wedding Crashers and then there are HELLFIRE GALA crashers. Every party has someone at it that just shouldn’t be there. Every party tends to have someone at it that drinks just a bit too much or has a little bit too much fun. Needless to say, if you could think of a group of X-MEN that fit these criteria better than the HELLIONS, let me know. And that should help readers surmise what happens in this week’s HELLIONS #12 by Zeb Wells.

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Like normal, Wells uses all the characteristics of his misfits in a hilarious way to cauterize this series into a foundational book within the X-MEN landscape. Yet, on top of all the jokes and witty one-liners, I found this issue endearing and commendable. Wells uses this issue of HELLIONS to lay the groundwork for past and future relationships amongst the team members.

Readers will see the dysfunctional team members beginning to have each other’s backs while finally finding a home and family that’s all their own. Furthermore, fans will see the inner tug on each member’s need for acceptance by someone… anyone for that matter. As weird and sickening as it is to say, even the murderers have a heart too. Maybe it’s the very lack of affection and love that drove them down their murderous paths in the first place? My point: Wells is exploring some pretty pivotal developments with the characters… on top of his normal hilarious diatribes and dialogue. I think X-MEN fans should get ready for quite the interesting ride ahead. Moreover, Wells’ ideas are only beginning to take root. There is no telling where this book is going to go… and I absolutely love that about this series.


Stephen Segovia’s Kwannon is utterly jaw-dropping. She looks stunningly beautiful. However, Havok looks… like a wizard! I have no idea what he’s wearing. Nevertheless, it adds to the awkward nature of the character as well as the direction this series has taken him. Segovia’s (to steal a phrase from the issue) crème de la crème is the facial expression on almost every page. From shock and awe to pain and anger, readers will feel the emotion leap off every page. Plus, who would have thought anyone could get to Sinister? Yet, because of Segovia’s fantastically detailed illustrations, readers will see a few key moments where Sinister loses his composure. What a spectacular job by Segovia and his art team!


Who invited the HELLIONS? No one. Yet, they still found a way in… and thankful so. Without this band of merry misfits, who else would add the color, humor, charm, and endearing qualities to this GALA? Readers, even surrounded by a stuffy shindig, Wells finds a way to make the HELLIONS the center of attention. Furthermore, I can’t think of another X-MEN title where the characters are growing as much as this eclectic cast of personalities. Readers, Zeb Wells is creating a family out of a bunch of rejects and outcasts. And if he can do that with this crew, I can’t wait to see what’s next on his agenda! Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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