Hellions #10 Review

Hellions #10 Synopsis: The HELLIONS are at the mercy of ARCADE as they face his new psychological MURDERWORLD!

Parental Advisory

Writer: Zeb Wells

Art: Stephen Segovia

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: March 3rd, 2021


Anyone even remotely with the X-men and their nemesis Arcade is familiar with Murderworld. Let’s see if 2021’s version takes us back to the classic Claremont era Arcade stories, or if Zeb Wells has something altogether in mind for all the X-fans out there!

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For those fans familiar with Arcade and his shenanigans that have popped up countless times the last several decades prepare yourself. This is a newer version of Murderworld. One like this reviewer has yet to see the likes of. And, depending on your point of view, this could be a good thing. Or not.

Let’s just get to the point. This book could be straight out of a horror movie. Mr. Sinister has been kidnapped and used as bait and well….. basically tortured.

The rest of the Hellion team is subjected to various forms of psychological warfare.

I took a good 24 hours after reading this issue to write my review to make sure I wasn’t having a knee-jerk reaction, but after enough time away from it, I stand with my initial reaction. It’s honestly a bit much for me. If you’re into horror and physiological thrillers, this’ll be right up your so-called alley. It’s just not for me. It’s well written, the art is good, it’s funny at times, just not for me this month.

Final Thoughts:

Things get super weird, creepy, and a bit painful for our Hellions crew this month. And while this issue may not be for me, it’ll surely appease to many readers. I’ll be back next month for something hopefully more to my liking.


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