Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #3 Review

Writer: Tee Franklin
Art: Jon Mikel and Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 20th, 2022

Poison Ivy, the new leader of The Legion of Doom, is busy interviewing potential new members as Harley continues her exploits with the Bat Family in Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #3 Mayor Joker (yes, on this Earth, The Joker is the Mayor of Gotham City) is kidnapped and held hostage!  A lover from Ivy’s past shows up with a mysterious proposal!  Harley takes on a new Bat-themed identity!  All this, and Frank the giant talking Venus Flytrap too!

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The Story

Harley and Ivy, one of the best relationships in comics today, don’t spend much time together in Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #3.  And you know what?  That’s okay, because each of them get some great plotlines this issue.
Harley’s gone all-in with becoming a full-fledged anti-hero and member of the Bat Family, hanging out with Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin (Damian Wayne) to help fight the lowlifes of Gotham.  This issue, we get some great sparring between Harley and Nightwing, and the issue climaxes with Harley, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin swooping in to rescue the Joker from Black Mask and his gang.


I found Harley’s scenes my favorite.  It’s endless enjoyment watching her interact with the Bat-Family trio, especially Batgirl, who’s always stunned that Harley knows far more about the seedier aspects of Gotham than any of them will ever know. Nightwing is all business, treating Harley much like Batman treats him.  He’s all business and ignores Harley’s antics.


Damian is skeptical of Harley and 100% doesn’t trust her, but in one scene, when she says they should check out a Strip Club to get some information, he’s hilariously all for it.
Since this isn’t set on Earth-Prime, anything goes, so it gives the book a wonderful “anything can happen” feel.

Poison Ivy’s story is a bit more sedate, as she interviews potential members of her Legion of Doom, which will have all female members.  We get to see her do an interview, get a visit from some old friends, and a visit from her former lover, which gives us some insight into Poison Ivy’s past. It’s nice seeing these more quiet moments with Poison Ivy, since the Poison Ivy that’s in DC’s Poison Ivy series NEVER has any quiet moments.

The Art

Jon Mikel’s art on Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #3 is much different from Shae Beagle’s work (who drew the last 2 issues).  And though I preferred Shae’s art style for the book, Jon’s more edgy art work still fits the off-kilter narrative of the book. The fight scenes come off best.  They’re dynamic and are reminiscent of artists such as Alex Toth, who could convey so much energy and impact in their work.

Final Thoughts

Harley Quinn The Animated Series: Legion of Bats #3 is another fun issue of the series, with some great plotlines for Poison Ivy and Harley, and some great action.  Harley’s new Bat-themed identity is hilarious and there’s a great setup for next issue.


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