Gwen Stacy #2 Review

Writer: Christos Gage

Art: Todd Nauck, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Adam Hughes

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 11th, 2020

As Gwen, Harry, and Darius try to clear Captain Stacy’s name, Gwen finds herself in the middle of a power struggle for the leadership of the underworld in NYC! And if that’s not bad enough, Gwen is poking her nose around in places that most likely won’t end well for her. At all…..

Literally, everyone I’ve talked to about Spider-man says that MJ is Peter’s true love. After reading through the entirety of Gwen’s appearances in the Amazing Spider-Man from the ’70s, I think Gwen is. My opinion may change as I continue my ASM read through, but I love Gwen none the less.

We open issue two with our young friends in Norman Osborn’s office using a computer modeling program attempting to clear Captain Stacy’s name.

This book is filled to the brim with nods and references to the Bronze Age. One I could do without though is the trademark Osborn hair. It’s unlike any hairstyle I’ve EVER seen. It’s like lawn mowing patterns in their hair. Or rows and rows of hot dog buns on their heads.

I very rarely feel a sense of dread when reading a comic, but did when I saw this…..

The dread was for the Goblin, not Norman’s hair!! There’s quite a bit of foreshadowing in this issue. And for those who know how Gwen Stacy’s story ends, this issue was very powerful and brought forth many emotions.

Fans of the Silver/Bronze age of Amazing Spider-Man will feel right at home with the likes of Crime-Master, Betty Brant, and Frederick Foswell. My favorite nod though goes to a picture taken by Phil Sheldon. Christos Gage has obviously put in the time and done his homework.

And despite all the nods, references, and callbacks, Gwen remains the center of the story. And obviously rightly so. She’s strong, smart, courageous, and compassionate. We get some nice background on Gwen and Harry’s relationship through some background scenes. The background scenes are clearly visible in a brownish/orange color scheme. Gage quickly has many plot threads going, and touches briefly on them all in a seamless way that make the story flow very well.

I also appreciate Marvel’s take on toning it down a bit on the sex appeal, unlike other books/series (Mary Jane)…. This IS NOT a series with cleavage showing on 8 different covers to get them to sell. That’s not Gwen’s style. Never has been.

I really like Todd Nauck’s art, besides the Osborn’s hair. It’s a modern take on a classic character. Nauck pays homage to Gwen’s style all while making it his own. Rachel Rosenberg’s use of purple in Norman’s tie, and in the credits page fit perfectly with the Goblin’s purple costume! I love stuff like that.

Final Thoughts:

Bucking the trend of a big let down on issue two, Gwen Stacy ups the game with more impressive character study, and storytelling of one of my favorite Marvel characters. I really hope this series sells well enough to stick around past the five scheduled issues. These first two issues have been a breath of fresh air for me. Such great storytelling!!


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