Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Marcio Takara and Rafael Albuquerque

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 2nd, 2020

After last issues Moon Dragon showdown, what’s next for our GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY team? Well, former conflicts appear to be erupting across the universe while political ties between the galaxy seem to be renewed. Things appear to be developing quickly in this week’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 by Al Ewing. However, it also seems like old friends and lovers must realign their own circumstances or destroy them altogether. And, what’s going on with Nova? Let’s fly into GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 and see what the new landscape of the universe looks like as well as the brooding relationships within the team.

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Readers, this week’s issue puts the action, thrills, and suspense on hold and places them in the backseat for a week. Picture this week’s installment of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 as a clarity therapy session in order to sort some $&@$ out about Peter. Some would say, “it took long enough!” But either way, Ewing uses this week’s story to tether out some of the feelings surrounding Peter’s death and how it connects to Nova and the team.

Now, Ewing was certainly trying to hit the feels this issue but it merely fell short in that way. Cluttered around the feelings and emotions that were supposed to emerge from the issue were sly little random hookups between characters that didn’t really make sense mixed with an ending set up to add more shock to this very writers lackluster EMPYRE event. All in all, this issue really didn’t add much to the overall GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY story and seemed to be a filler issue while Ewing set his focus on his main event ending.


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #6 was more like the packing peanuts than the actual package itself. Ewing reaches for the feels instead of the action, humor, twisted excitement, and zany scheming that’s done so well in the prior issues. This week’s installment could easily be skipped and not miss a beat if you’re in need of some savings at the local shop. Granted, Ewing tried something new… it just didn’t really stick the landing very well. Was it because of the unnecessary beginning of the issue? Or, was it the ending that made this issue feel like a commercial for EMPYRE? Either way, this reader left the issue a bit disappointed after seeing the amazing heights this series has already climbed in a short time. I know and have seen, Ewing do better in this very comic, as well as many others. This certainly isn’t enough to jump ship on the series and I have no doubt Ewing will refocus on this series as soon as EMPYRE wraps up. However, fans may feel a bit shortchanged this issue. Regardless, hang in there peeps, it will definitely get better.


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3 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Review

  1. I hate the way the way the writers over the last two series have pissed all over Nova and his relationship with Gamora. The fact that Peter, his “best friend” would go and declare that he loved Gamora from the beginning, knowing full well what Nova’s dying words were to him as he sacrificed himself to save Peter. It’s just crap. Best friends don’t do that to each other. He took advantage of everything that Nova told him he wanted to do with Gamora about getting out of it and having a family and used it for himself to get with her. Then they used this to further assassinate Nova’s character to make it sound like he was a terrible boyfriend to Gamora because of his heroic nature. They practically ignored addressing anything about Peter’s declaration of love right in front of him and their subsequent hooking up and happy bliss. I did notice that the minute Nova showed up in issue #1, Peter stayed far away from Gamora at the bbq and the briefing. They never had Nova and Peter talk about it, nor did they have Nova and Gamora talk about it until she accuses him of “killing” his best friend who stole his dreams with Gamora.

    I hate that they destroyed a relationship and a friendship to fit the MCU.

    1. Great thoughts and great comments. I can tell how much you love GOTG and how invested you are. It really hits hard when you’re so invested in all aspects of a series but it’s not going how you’d expect. I was also down on the issue. To be truthful, I loved the direction it was taking until this issue. My hope is that Ewing is taking the GOTG back to how it was BUT it has a long road ahead. I hate to say I think we have a bunch of these types of issues in front of us BUT I think eventually Ewing will get the team where it used to be without this constant revamp, retool, and reload once a year crap. Again, solid points, and I appreciate the comment. Let’s hope things get better!

      1. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the whole PTSD angle of the issue. It’s just the overall non-acknowledgment of Nova’s feelings by Peter and Gamora since Donny Cate’s run has irked me. That conversation between Nova and Gamora was hard to read, not because it was bad writing, but because it was generally unfair to Nova. When she walks out the door, it broke me even me a little for Nova.

        Peter essentially stole his dream life with Gamora without blinking and eye and they treat him like crap and rub his face in it. Again, “best friends” don’t do that. Nova nearly died twice in the last two runs, once to save Gamora, who repaid him by sleeping with Peter, who decided he loved her. He died in-between series for them because he didn’t them to get hurt. Hell, Gamora practically admits that it was Nova’s dying dream in her head when she choses to “give her heart” to Peter. Plus, Gamora doesn’t even realize that Peter lies to her as well about this “dream life” by sneaking off in the middle of the night to help Nova, he doesn’t really want it either. Yet she places almost all of the blame on Nova, a man she declared that she loved in Bendis’ run.

        I really do hope they stop trying to make everything like the MCU and fix the damage done to Nova/Gamora and Nova/Peter. How many times does Nova have to be kicked in the teeth while saving the universe? Next they’ll probably turn him into a villain. UGH

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