Guardians of the Galaxy #5 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Juann Cabal and Ivan Shavrin

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 5th, 2020

Moondragon is a warrior, a champion, and a hero. With her wife by her side, she arrived in our universe from a ”perfect” dimension of heroes and fighters to defend our reality from depravity and evil. But our universe already had a Moondragon, and she simply can’t live up to the morality and hype of the Moondragon that’s arrived from that ”perfect” alternate reality. Well, the ”Dragon of the Moon” is back and it won’t rest until it’s fed on a soul. I’ll give you one guess as to which soul she’s after… Let’s jump into GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5 by Al Ewing to see the showdown between these dueling Dragons that’s years in the making.

Well Guardian fans, it looks like Al Ewing is igniting his journey of repairing continuity and taking names! Before this issue is said and done, one of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will be overhauled SUPERMAN REBORN style… ish. And Peter’s absence/ death only appears to be part of another larger picture to take the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY back to their roots. I have a feeling hardcore, life-long GOTG fans are going to really dig the direction Ewing appears to be guiding our heroes. Plus, this is only the beginning! There is obviously so much more story to tell and I simply cant wait to see where this goes.

Furthermore, Ewing does a spectacular job providing almost every player with a key role as the cheeky plot begins to unfold like all GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY schemes tend to do. Ewing seems to have a creative knack for cleverly, twisty narrative devices. This issue didn’t beget anything too mind-blowing BUT it did utilize all the pieces and moving parts well. For example, many wondered why the two teams were battling. And, where was Groot? Why would Gamora and Groot be ok with killing Rocket? Well, “most” of those questions get a bit ironed out and make more sense after this issue people. So, take a read and find out.

Additionally, what would a review of this book be without mentioning Juann Cabal’s outstanding illustrations and Federico Blee’s vibrant color choices? This issue was so bright, crisp, and smooth. Cabal’s drawings are always so realistic and natural. Furthermore, the page layout and design ushered my eyes across each panel and page making the issue so incredibly easy to read. Together with Ewing, the sky is the limit with this series and the best part is, it doesn’t need to be flashy and filled with big names like Thanos or Cosmic Ghost Rider. It just needs to be a good, strong story with some classic feels to bring this ship back on track.


Ewing’s overall plan appears to be taking shape and this reviewer thinks the diehard fans are going to gravitate to this run immediately. My biggest hope is that Ewing has the opportunity to write HIS story without feeling rushed or pressured to finish early. Merely look no further than IMMORTAL HULK to see what Ewing can do with enough time to flush out his story. Plus, it feels like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has been rebooted or restarted at least once a year for the past five or so years. It’s time to lock in Ewing and let him work his magic. New fans will enjoy what he’s doing and old fans will like the direction the series is taking. It’s not too late to hop on board the series now and I strongly recommend you do. Grab this week’s issue and let me know what you think.


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