Guardians of the Galaxy #13 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Art: Juan Frigeri and Brett Booth

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Release Date: April 14th, 2021

They were fighters, deviants, hired guns, criminals, and family. Heck, they were even heroes. However, times have changed and the universe no longer requires “heroes”. It needs champions. Nay, it needs superheroes! So, when the warning goes out from Emperor Hulkling and the Kree/Skrull Alliance, the new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY answer! Let’s dive into GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #13 by Al Ewing and check out this brand new direction, new art team, new costumes, and brand new enemies.

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Al Ewing kicks off his next GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series with a bombardment of action and nonstop intensity that will keep readers locked in until the very last page. For fans of Ewing’s first 12 issues, you’ll continue to have the same cast of characters with a few huge additions and a couple of minor subtractions. Furthermore, Ewing will melt together aspects of his EMPYRE story and continue the galactic alliance he’s constructed forward.

The cast of characters is tons of fun and the direction readers will see Ewing taking this GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series oozes potential. In essence, Ewing has developed the Guardians into an elite force that works hand in hand with the Kree/ Skrull Empire, regardless of what Richard Rider may himself believe. However, it feels like Ewing “thinks” his EMPYRE event was a bit more successful than he may want to admit. This opening tale weighs in heavy on where the galaxy is at post-EMPYRE. Yet, I wonder if anyone cares…


The next incredibly large elephant in the room is the immense power the many GOTG players appear to have. What readers will discover this issue is that our GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY appear to have their way with a specific race of beings that our current AVENGERS team had a rather difficult time stopping only a few short years ago. And, when I say “have their way”, I mean almost every member of the team took these beings down with ease and even frightened them. Yet, as the comic comes to a close, a special guest makes an appearance and quickly dismantles the entire Guardians team.

My point: Ewing’s GOTG are supercharged, overpowered, and very well may be the new top dogs in the universe… somehow. Plus, they’re not the only supercharged juggernauts in the universe. Look no further than the new Emperor himself as well as the “Alliance’s Court Wizard” for more proof of the unrealistic, dominated ridiculousness that Ewing bestows to his characters.


Juan Frigeri and Federico Blee do a phenomenal job on this issue showcasing their abilities on a universal scale. Blee uses dark blues that saturate each page while Frigeri manifests spectacular splash pages that will pull the reader deeper into the issue. And can I add, this issue is busy… but in a good way. Sometimes, an artist has too much going on making it difficult for them to keep up with themselves. That’s not the case here. Frigeri and Blee forget nothing and take their time to detail the background as much as the foreground. They hold back no expense! However, the larger the panels, the better their work.


If you loved EMPYRE, you’ll flourish in this issue. If you adored Ewing’s last 12 issues of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, this will also be your steaming hot cup of Darjeeling. However, if you’re a GOTG fan that was hoping for something a bit different than the prior status quo, you won’t find that here. Still, the future could be looking up. As this issue comes to a close, Ewing introduces a key player that could shake up the future of this book… and he’s been rather quiet since Fresh Start began. The possibilities and direction seem promising for this “squadron” that Ewing is forming. It may be worth taking a flier out on this series knowing this issue is the best place to start. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God bless!


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