Guardians of the Galaxy #11 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Penciler: Cory Smith

Inker: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Faithless part 5 of 6

Drax is awake and he wants to destroy, and Peter Quill is his target. Will the late arrival of Groot, Moondragon, Magus, and Rocket Raccoon be enough to turn the tables on J’son ( Airhorn Sound ) and the Universal Church of Truth? Let’s find out.

We open mid battle, Rocket and Magus have their hands full dealing with the hoard of Drax. Moondragon on the other hand seems not to care about the destruction going on around her. She walks up to a Drax nonchalantly perplexing her teammates in the processes. She is about to get pummeled when she tells the on coming Drax to “Stop”. She mind reads him because she wants to know if this is their Drax.

In a slightly unsatisfying panel we find out this is not our Drax. I say its unsatisfying for the sole reason that it doesn’t really give me much information into these Drax. Its just a panel of the war torn universe that this Universal Church of Truth came from. I think, I’m truly guessing at that.

Moondragon now knows this isn’t our Drax so she unleashes her powers on them, in the form of a three headed dragon that breaths fire.

Starlord thankful his team has arrived to pull his butt out of the fire converses with Groot telling him to let Moondragon and Rocket hold down the fort while they go for the rest of the team.

Meanwhile J’son ( air horn sound), runs for back up but is stopped by Magus. It seems Magus is about to drop the hammer on The patriarch and the whole Church when he is hit from behind by Gamora. J’son has released all of the super heroes under his command. They have an unconscious Starlord and Groot in tow. Magus isn’t powerful enough to take them all on and he gets overwhelmed.

Rocket is the last Guardian to fall. Beta Ray Bill destroys his armor with a mighty blow of his hammer. They leave him for dead. A big mistake under regular circumstances but this is a dying Rocket. Will our mangy mischievous mammel have enough in the tank to save his family and the Earth?

Next issue: Thanos Wins…Cosmic Ghost Rider…The Death of the Inhumans…Silver Surfer Black…Guardians of the Galaxy… It’s all been leading to this. The end tagline claims, which got me a little interested.

Final Thoughts:

I really like Cory Smith on Cosmic Marvel and I hope he gets more work doing it in the future. It’s just very entertaining to look at and he doesn’t seem to have a problem drawing a ton of characters at once. This was a pretty action heavy issue and I liked it because it forced Donny to use all the characters at his disposal. Hopefully there is more of that to come next issue. The battle isn’t over yet, I am finding myself really excited to read next issue.


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