Gold Goblin #1 Review

Writer: Christopher Cantwell

Artist: Lan Medina

Colorist: Antonio Fabela

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Release Date: November 16, 2022

Price: $3.99

Reviewer: Lukke Sweet

A new Goblin takes the stage in Christopher Cantwell’s Gold Goblin #1.  Following up last weeks Amazing Spider-Man #13, Norman Osborn takes center stage is a series all his own.  After his brush with the Sin Eater, Norman has been cleansed of all his sins, but now he’s left with all of the guilt.  Since then, he’s embraced his new chance at life as he works to use his resources for good and to do what he can to support Spider-Man.  But when he sees two Hobgoblins team up to take on Peter, Norman knows he has to do more and dons a goblin suit once more, this time as the Gold Goblin!

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The Story

Gold Goblin #1 centers on Norman Osborn and shows how drastic a change has occurred since his “cleansing.”  Left with a hole inside, Norman struggles to embrace this new life, and so it’s filled with the only thing left: guilt.  Moving throughout his life, Norman is haunted by the ghosts of his past, most prominently Gwen Stacy.  Over and over, the memory of her murder intrudes upon his everyday life.  Despite all of this, Norman still seems to be setting up shady backroom dealings, or perhaps it’s just to draw out the seedier elements and give the Gold Goblin a chance to shine!

Overall, Cantwell sets the stage for a deep dive into the psyche of Norman Osborn as he comes to grips with his new found redemption.  Through Norman’s memories, Cantwell will be digging through Green Goblin’s history as Norman Osborn learns to live with the guilt of his past.  From Gwen Stacy to Harry Osborn, it seems as though Cantwell will turn over every stone to deliver an emotionally satisfying story.  But that’s not all that Norman will have to deal with.  His secret identity isn’t so secret, everyone knows that he’s the Gold Goblin.  Now he has to deal with not only his past, but his newfound fame as a superhero.

The Art

Lan Medina and Antonio Fabela team up to deliver some stellar art for Gold Goblin #1.  The art for this book pops off the pages, they’re colorful and well drawn.  Medina does wonders with the linework.  Throughout the book, Medina portrays the entire range of emotions, making each and everyone of them seem natural.  More than that, all of the panels flow from one to the other, integrating different types of scenes and characters flawlessly.  Ethereal characters, memories, and hallucinations are worked into Norman’s everyday life naturally and with ease.  The colors provided by Fabela only serve to make these varying panels work together even better.  The shading and colors help to make characters, scenes, and emotions more recognizable while also distinguishing the real from memory or hallucination.

Final Thoughts

A great tie-in to the main Amazing Spider-Man series, Gold Goblin gives readers a chance to see how Norman Osborn has changed since his “cleansing” at the hands of the Sin Eater.  A good first issue that promises a character-driven story ready to dive into the guilt and sins of the Green Goblin as he searches for redemption under the new moniker, Gold Goblin!


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